Top 100 Angels (2005)

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 1 Tim Salmon


#1 Tim Salmon, RF, DH Career Stats The Chronicler and I compared Angel rankings in Early November and thus started this Top 100 Angels list (we both selected Tim #1, btw). Many people assisted...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 2 Nolan Ryan


#2 Nolan Ryan, RH SP Career Stats Think about it for a minute or two. Nolan Ryan was the Angels for the 1970s. Can you think of another player who, had he not been an Angel, that the franchise...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 3 Brian Downing


#3 Brian Downing, C, OF, DH Career Stats From the kid from La Mirada in the wireframe glasses, Brian, thanks for everything. Brian Downing was a core offensive contributor to three Western...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 4 Bobby Grich


#4 Bobby Grich, 2B Career Stats Bobby Grich was a Top Ten selection on every ballot of the 8 Angel fanatics who cast their vote for the Top 40 Angels. Only one voter had him listed below #5. T...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 5 Garret Anderson


#5 Garret Anderson, OF Career Stats According to the Hall of Fame Monitor, Garret Anderson is the 308th greatest batter in baseball history and is more than halfway to Cooperstown, statistically...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 6 Chuck Finley


#6 Chuch Finley, LH SP Career Stats Chuck Finley was the final member of the 1986 American League Western Division Champion Angels to play for the team, and the final one to retire, pitching his...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 7 Troy Percival


#7 Troy Percival, RH Reliever Career Stats Troy Percival's franchise records for Angel pitchers with a minimum of 500 Inning Pitched: Saves: 316 Games Pitched: 579 Adj. ERA+: 156 K/9: 10.43 W...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 8 Jim Fregosi


#8 Jim Fregosi, SS Mangerial Record Career Record Jim Fregosi was born two months before Paul McCartney but had already completed three seasons of big league ball when the Beatles arrived in...

The 100 Greatest Angels: # 9 Troy Glaus


#9 Troy Glaus, 3B, DH Career Stats Since the departure of Troy Glaus seems to still be somewhat controversial for some Angels fans, here are the records set by the only World Series MVP  in...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #10 Darin Erstad


#10 Darin Erstad, OF, 1B Career Stats A few years back, columnist/sub-literate Rob Neyer couldn't let Angel fans enjoy the World Series victory, so he twisted the knife into Darin Erstad's back....


The 100 Greatest Angels: #11 Don Baylor


#11 Don Baylor, OF, DH Career Stats So that was me, 14 years old, and a friend or my younger brother, carrying the sheet with the magic-marker slogan YES DON CAN blocking your site-lines on the...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #12 Rod Carew


#12 Rod Carew, 1B Career Stats When it comes to Angels 1Bmen, Wally Joyner has only one rival in Angel lore, and it is not gold-glover Darin Erstad. First Baseman Rod Carew was an integral piece...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #13 Mike Scioscia


#13 Mike Scioscia, MGR Managerial Career For tonight's installment in our countdown, Josh Mandir, co-proprietor of the Pearly Gates Blog looks at the best manager in Angels' team history. Take...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #14 Frank Tanana


#14 Frank Tanana, LH SP Careeer Stats What does this mean for Frank Tanana? Allow Rich Lederer of the Baseball Analysts Website to offer a thorough assessment of the career of a great Angel....

The 100 Greatest Angels: #15 Dean Chance


#15 Dean Chance, RH SP Career Stats The single greatest season by a pitcher in an Angels uniform was the 1964 Cy Young Award winning campaign of Dean Chance. They only awarded one Cy Young...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #16 Vladimir Guerrero


#16 Vladimir Guerrero, RF Career Stats He has only had 1,274 Plate Appearances as an Angel but Vladimir Guerrero has already had two of the best offensive seasons of any Angel player, both of...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #17 Mike Witt


#17 Mike Witt, RH SP Career Stats There was a time, it might have been before the 1988 season when, in recalling Spahn and Sain and two days rain as the old description of the Boston Braves'...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #18 Doug DeCinces


#18 Doug DeCinces, 3B Career Stats Look, I'm a fan of Disco Dan Ford as much as the next guy, but the January 1982 trade of Dan to the Orioles for Doug DeCinces has to be one of the Top 5...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #19 Reggie Jackson


#19 Reggie Jackson, OF Career Stats January 22, 1982 - The day the Angels signed Reggie Jackson - was one of the most exciting days in franchise history - probably the most exciting in offseason...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #20 Wally Joyner


#20 Wally Joyner, 1B Career Stats Something about Wally Joyner connects a generation of Southern California men to their childhoods so instantaneously and direct that the mention of his name has...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #21 Bob Boone


#21 Bob Boone, C Career Stats A member of 2 A.L. Western Champions (1982, 1986) and three 90-win seasons while playing for the Angels, Bob Boone caught for 7 years under the Halo. Boone put up...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #22 Francisco Rodriguez


#22 Francisco Rodriguez, RH RP Career Stats In the Summer of 1998, there was a bidding war for a young Venezuelan phenom, all of 16 but throwing 95 MPH darts into the bullseye. Props to the...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #23 Chili Davis


#23 - Chili Davis, OF/DH Career Stats This writeup of Kingston Jamaica's own Charles Theodore Davis is brought to you by The Chronicles of the Lads Blog and its impressario, its maestro, The...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #24 Adam Kennedy


#24 Adam Kennedy, 2B Career Stats He came to the team in a controversial trade, a prospect handed a position the team had seen remain unsteady since Bobby Grich had retired 14 years earlier. The...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #25 Bengie Molina


#25 Bengie Molina, C Career Stats Is it possible that the Angels recently let go their best Catcher ever? Bengie Molina played a majority of the Catching games for six season as an Angel. His...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #26 Jim Edmonds


#26 Jim Edmonds, OF Career Stats Jim was on the team for a few seasons, a homegrown talent drafted by the big club. Edmonds was a good hitter with a lot of power. He was exciting to watch in...

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