Top 100 Angels (2008)

Top 100 Angels: Mickey RIVERS #47


In hindsight, we can all say that building an offense around Mickey Rivers and the belief in the stolen base and running game over walks and power was not probably a bad idea but a terrible idea....

Top 100 Angels: Bob LEE #48


With 58 Saves as an Angel, the franchise's very first effective closer is still in the franchise Top 6 in Saves despite only 3 seasons with the team, and only gave up 5th place at the end of the...

Top 100 Angels: Orlando CABRERA #49


The hype surrounding Orlando Cabrera’s signing pegged him as the locus of fan dissatisfaction at the demise of scrappy David Eckstein. And while there were scattered boos for a game or two,...

Top 100 Angels: Lance PARRISH #50


Lance Parrish is the 2nd of 7 Catchers to make this TOP 100 list. He holds the Angels club record for homeruns hit by a Catcher. In the three full seasons he played, at least three Angel starting...

Top 100 Angels: Rick REICHARDT #51


Angels Outfielder Rick Reichardt hit the first homerun in Anaheim Stadium, had his HBP single season record of 18 tied by Don Baylor and broken by David Eckstein and is 10th all time in franchise...

Top 100 Angels: Geoff ZAHN #52


Without Geoff Zahn, the 1982 Angels don't win the A.L. Western Division. Lefty Zahn led the staff with 18 wins. He was just a smidgen better than Ken Forsch that season, and as an Angel, brought...

Top 100 Angels: Carney LANSFORD #53


I started to look up Carney Lansford's stats for this short tribute and was overcome once again with rage and anger over his being traded. It is 2:30 a.m. and the jugular in my neck is pounding...

Top 100 Angels: Jack HOWELL #54


I never liked Jack Howell, giving up on his overhyped rookie promise around his 80th strikeout midway through that dismal 1987 campaign. But his 69 Win Shares an Angel ranks 37th all-time... read a...

Top 100 Angels: Ervin SANTANA #55


When Ervin Santana made his major league debut, the lanky right hander was a highly touted prospect starting a day game in Cleveland in place of an injured Kelvim Escobar. The first four batters he...

Top 100 Angels: Bartolo COLON #56


Righty Bartolo Colon won 18 games in his first season as an Angel, but it was considered a bust by most observers. He followed that up with a Cy Young award in 2005, becoming the first 20-Game...

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