Top 100 Angels (2005)

The 100 Greatest Angels: #27 David Eckstein


#27 - David Eckstein, SS Career Stats We got him when he was put on waivers by the Red Sox in the Summer of 2000. He played his way onto the team and as a leadoff hitter became known as The...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #28 Gene Mauch


#28 Gene Mauch, Field Manager Career Managerial Record Playing Record If it is true that we learn from adversity, I'm the smartest sonafabitch on Earth --Gene Mauch Up until this September,...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #29 Mark Langston


#29 - Mark Langston, RH SP Career Stats Ya know what? I recall where I was on December 1, 1989 - the day that the Angels signed Mark Langston. It was euphoric to hear the news - they had signed...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #30 John Lackey


#30 - John Lackey, RH SP Career Stats Opening Day 2002, John Lackey on the mound. Of course, it was for the Salt Lake Stingers (now the Bees) - Read about it here. If that is not an advertisement...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #31 Jarrod Washburn


#31 - Jarrod Washburn, LH SP Career Stats Lefty Jarrod Washburn was drafted by the California Angels on June 1, 1995 in the second round and made his debut with the Anaheim Angels in 1998. He is...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #32 Bryan Harvey


#32 - Bryan Harvey, - RH Closer Career Stats The end of many an Angel game was described by broadcaster Al Conin in the same four words "FORKBALL GOT HIM SWINGING!" It was a simple exclamation...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #33 Scott Spiezio


#33 Scott Spiezio, IF Career Stats Nice that the votes should tabulate the redemption represented by Scott Spiezio right after the tragedy of Donnie Moore. Without his amazing performance in the...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #34 Donnie Moore


#34 - Donnie Moore, RH Closer Career Stats THE GOOD Donnie Moore came to the Angels late in 1985, (late in his career) and immediately achieved dominance as a bullpen stud. He had 31 saves and a...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #35 Dick Schofield


#35 - Dick Schofield, SS Career Stats For 1,086 games over two tours of duty with the Angels (one quite long, the other not), Dick Schofield was a mainstay all-glove shortstop. Of the thirty two...

The 100 Greatest Angels: #36 Gary Pettis


#36 - Gary Pettis, CF Career Stats I've seen a lot of Angels baseball and loved Erstad in Centerfield, was held breathless by Showboat Edmonds hotdogging it out there at the expense of the team,...

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