Great Night for Dodger Hater

Okay, so a great night for me is obviously nothing like the Rev experienced, but here goes the poor man's version of an awesome night at the ballpark.

I had promised my 12-year-old son that when the Angels came to Oakland we would trek on over there from Modesto and catch the Halos one last time. As far as "being there" moments, it turned out to be one of the best in my 33-year fan career (countless Nolan Ryan games are right up there too). Here are the highlights:

**We got pretty good tickets on the field level from scalpers that accosted us as soon as we got off BART. I feel good because I talked (used to be able to say "jewed") them down on the price, but then I see Rev Halofan and he's sitting right by the dugout behind the really expensive seats just a few feet from the field. He paid less than me for more expensive seats! He told me the key was arriving two innings late. I am not sure I want to make that tradeoff, but I file that info for later.

*I am sitting next to a great guy and fellow ex-patriot SoCal guy, Mike. We talk Angels all game long and then when I finally spot the Rev, it turns out Mike is a poster on this board too. He goes by Angels95. Mike, I didn't get the chance to say that it was good meeting you and your friend--it was! Go Angels!

*I was very thrilled last month when I took my son to the "K-Rod drops the ball" game and we managed to get autographs from Donnelly and Shields. Today we went straight to the top and got a picture and autograph of Arte Moreno.

*People threw things at me. Oakland fans are very knowledgeable and kind, but as the Angels danced on the field at the end, I got pelted by a few harmless peanuts from the upper decks. I am so glad that I my team is actually good enough that people would throw things at me because of them!

*As further proof that this is the not nearly the night that our fearless leader had in Oakland, one of my highlights was meeting the fearless leader and Mrs. Halofan. I know, I know, if this is a highlight you'd hate to see a lowlight, but I live a sheltered life. I figured I would find the Rev pretty easily, but since he didn't arrive until the second, I didn't even see him until the 5th. One thing I noticed about him, is that he is always standing up as if he wants to make sure everyone knows he is there.

*Other good Rev Halofan news is that he DID NOT run naked out onto the field.

**Finally, it was great to finally leave the Coliseum last night as a winner instead after stupid-pet-trick defeats like I witnessed every other time. High-fiving perfect strangers in red as the Greenies moped out was a lot of fun.

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