My "Plan C"

Ok, we are only a few days into this, and what are we learning?

  1. Yes, as projected, clubs are flush with cash and willing to spend it.
  2. With a less than stellar FA pool this winter, teams will have to spend on the very high side to upgrade a position, and still end up with a player in possession of a lot of downside. (Note that I am not going to say teams will "overspend". This is because these dollar rates may be the new market reality going forward, and I am not going to fall into the 'Al Campanis trap'.)
  3. If reports are true, the Angels made at least one serious cash bid to Japan (in this case for negotiating rights for Matsuzaka). Let's assume for conversation sake that this bid was at $32 million. This means that Arte laid out an asset that could be used to acquire player talent. The Japanese bidding process is unusual, but the bid amount from that process represents a real investment. Arte WAS willing to part with some serious amount of cash independent of player salary cash in order to upgrade his roster.
  4. If reports are true, the first phone call to ARam's agent after ARam signed with the Cubs was from Bill Stoneman, who was very disappointed that he did not get a chance to offer ARam a huge contract. This means that Stoneman's #1 opportunity and priority was to upgrade 3B. This means that DMac was not their first choice to solve 3B. DMac is movable.
  5. If reports are true, Toronto is going to either hold onto Wells or, at hte very least, they see the market too and Wells' price in any trade is going up daily.
  6. Based on prevailing wisdom from last season's trade deadline, other clubs want a lot of player talent to cut a deal in a trade for somebody we really need.
  7. What we do not know, but can easily predict, is that as the days go forward there will be plenty of opportunity to panic. This increases the risk of overspending (and thereby consuming resources necessary to maintain and continue to grow the club in future years) or acquiring a player that is mediocre under normal circumstances.
So, my "Plan C":
  • Instead of chunking up a huge amount of cash for player with a proven upside and proven downside...
  • Instead of bringing in such a player at the risk of forcing your roster to shuffle around on the field to accomodate the new player and, thereby, possibly extending the defensive liability that cropped up in 2006...
  • Instead of packaging too many players of your current and future team nucleus to bring in a player that upgrades a single spot in your roster...
  • Instead of standing pat (as some here are already willing to do based on early returns)...
  • First try taking the $32 million in cash and DMac and knock on the door of some other owner who values cash in pocket over rising player salaries, and who has 3B talent at least as promising as anything coming out of Japan. If that isn't quite enough, offer up ONE other player, preferably an Aybar or a Willits. In other words, TRADE for 3B but USE CASH INSTEAD OF PLAYERS. Kansas City and Washington come to mind...

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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