J Stew - The Halos Heaven Interview

Jason Stewart

Interview with Jason Stewart/J Stew of the Jim Rome Show

CUPIE for Halos Heaven: As a CSUF graduate whom do you root for: The Angels, The Dodgers, or The Blue Jays? And Why?

JASON STEWART: Truthfully, working in the sports radio business has pretty much stripped away any of my loyalties in sports. I really do not have a favorite team in baseball or any other sport. I now follow the team that my son follows. So, depending on what week it is between April and October, that is either the Angels or the Dodgers. I would have to say my personal preference is the Angels because I can actually take my son to a ballgame without fearing for my safety. It's a coin's flip chance you will either be a part of or a witness to violence if you travel up to Chavez Ravine. That doesn't make for a great family environment.

HH: In hindsight, what team was more disappointing in 2006: The Angels, The Dodgers, or The Blue Jays? And Why?

JS: The Angels were a big disappointment because they fielded a better team than the one that went to the ALCS in '05. Each time I would go to or watch an Angels game during the second half of the season I would sit and wonder why the team was not running away with that division or closer in the wild card standings. They were way more talented than their record indicated.

HH: 2007... Who has a better chance of winning their division, Angels or Dodgers?

JS: The Angels have a ton of talent coming back for '07. So I would have to say they have a much better chance on paper. Their staff is the deepest in baseball and it will be fun to see the numbers a guy like Howie Kendrick can put up in a full season.

HH: Will Ervin Santana be on the 2007 roster?

JS: No. I think Bill Stoneman learned his lesson this last season. They did not move any of their young talent for an established bat at the deadline and it cost them a chance at the playoffs. They need to package Santana and one or two of their aging players and get someone who wears number 13 in pinstripes.

HH: Will Nomar Garciaparra be on the 2007 roster?

JS: I don't see Nomar going anywhere. Los Angeles is where he is most comfortable. But the Dodgers better look at his production over the last two months of the season and see how he wore down physically before they offer him too much cash.

HH: Will the Halos sign a big bat via free agency?

JS: They have to get a big bat somehow. If they don't package one of their young pitchers with one or two others for a big bat in a trade, they have to sign someone. And I'm not talking about some aging has-been like Luis Gonzalez. I'm talking about a legitimate bat that you can put in the middle of that lineup and keep around for a few years.

HH: Will the Dodgers compete... win the NL West?

JS: The Dodgers had no business being in the playoffs this last season and unless they get someone like a Barry Zito and a healthy Eric Gagne back, they will remember they are the Dodgers in '07 and finish 3rd in the division. They also need to add a player that people can root for. The face of that team right now is JD Drew, the guy with the same empty look on his face when he strikes out looking, hits a three-run homerun, or gets tagged out with Jeff Kent at home plate in a playoff game. He is emotionless. How can you root for a guy like that?

HH: Favorite All Time CSUF Titan:

JS: Bruce Bowen. Through my work I have had the pleasure to speak with Bruce on several occasions and he is as nice a guy as he is advertised. The guy might be nasty defensively and might be called a dirty player by some of the NBA's elite guards, but he is as cordial and grounded a professional athlete you will talk to.

HH: Favorite All Time Angel:

JS: I've always had a place in my heart for Rob Wilfong. Although he was one of those players that enabled Gene Mauch to never win a championship with the Angels. Wilfong was great at those worthless American League sacrifice bunts. I always thought Gene Mauch was like the knife hurler in the Indiana Jones movie who squared off with Indy. Jones with his loaded gun was someone like Earl Weaver. Mauch would move the runner from first to second with a bunt by Wilfong, get the runner to third with a ground ball to the right side and a batter would get a two-out single to score him. Then the next inning Eddie Murray would come up with no outs, second and third, and would hit a three-run homer.

HH: Favorite All Time Dodger:

JS: Without a doubt is was Delino Deshields. The Dodgers got him straight up for one of the greatest pitchers of this generation. At least they got someone well worth it in return, a Punch and Judy hitter who batted low as .224 in a full season in '96. He was a below average fielder who had a knack for getting thrown out as many times as he was safe in steal attempts. Just one of the many solid deals made by the Dodgers' brass in mid to late `90's.

HH: Songs:
1979- Smashing Pumpkins, I don't care what anyone else says. It was the best song of the 1990's.
Hand in Glove- The Smiths
The Number of the Beast-Iron Maiden.
She Sells Sanctuary-The Cult
Lost in Love-Air Supply

HH: Movies:
Boogie Nights
Pulp Fiction
Murder at the Presidio G

The Sopranos
The Office
Temptation Island
According to Jim

HH: Books:
The DaVinci Code (Dan Brown)
Paranoia (Joseph Finder)
Positively 5th Street (James McManus)
Lonesome Dove (Larry McMurtry)
Any Harry Bosch Novel (Michael Connelly)

A Halos Heaven thanks to Jason Stewart for taking the time for this interview.

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