Good Article on Jered, Jeff, Sosh, Stoneman, and Black

I couldn't agree more.

Angels may demote the wrong Weaver
Doug Krikorian
Staff columnist

Shhh, let's keep this a secret from Arte Moreno, Bill Stoneman, Mike Scioscia and Bud Black because, obviously, they'd prefer not to know, but the most effective Angel pitcher this season has been Jered Weaver.

Yet, incredibly, implausibly, stupidly, nonsensically, moronically, illogically, laughably alas, space limitations prevent me from continuing this march of compelling adverbs the Angels are on the threshold of reaching far back into their ghastly history and exceeding some of their more ignoble deeds.

Please, tell me they're kidding, that they're not seriously considering sending Jered Weaver the hottest commodity in an Angels' uniform, three starts, three victories, 19 1/3-innings, 17 strikeouts, 11 hits, 3 walks, 1.86 ERA back to Salt Lake City.

The Angels were floundering haplessly until Weaver arrived a couple of weeks ago to make an impressive major league debut against the Baltimore Orioles and he's been equally impressive in succeeding starts against the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

What's a guy have to do to prove he belongs in the major leagues?

I mean, just because his older, painfully erratic brother, Jeff Weaver, has a contract that pays him $8.325 million this season, should that exempt Jeffery Gopher Boy from being yanked from the starting rotation, especially since he's 3-8 and given up 49 earned runs in 69 innings?

Sure, Bartolo Colon is coming off the disabled list, and someone has to be removed to make room for him in a starting rotation that also includes John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar and Ervin Santana.

But why should it be Jered Weaver, who has been flawless?

What's Mike Scioscia thinking? Or is he?

What about Stoneface Stoneman?

Does this weird situation deserve an intervention from Arte Moreno?

What's Bud Black, the Angels' pitching coach, going to tell Jered Weaver if they indeed do return Weaver to the Pacific Coast League? Perhaps he will say, "Eh, Jered, you're going to have to work a little more on your control. Eh, after all, you gave up three walks."

Actually, the Angels are set to treat Weaver the same way they did when they selected him in the first round of the 2004 draft and decided to play hardball with him and his agent, Scott Boras, during the ensuing year.

I strongly endorsed their stance at the time.

And I was wrong.

In retrospect, Scott Boras was right.

Jered Weaver, who in his final season at Long Beach State was 15-1 with 1.62 ERA and 213 strikeouts and just 21 walks in 144 innings, deserved to be paid as though he were the first player picked in the draft, since the only reason he dropped to No. 12 was because he was being represented by the notoriously tough Boras.

As it was, Weaver reluctantly wound up signing at the last moment with the Angels, receiving a $4 million bonus, which didn't exactly put him on bread on water.

And now the Angels are set to again upset Weaver, who says publicly he doesn't mind going back to Salt Lake City but privately has to be seething about such a ridiculous, undeserved demotion.

For so many decades, the Angels were a joke of a franchise, fraught with lousy players, terrible managers, incompetent GMs and misguided ownership.

Oh, there were periods of success under the ol' Cowboy, Gene Autry, but Gene Mauch's strategic playoff malfunctions in 1982 and 1986 prevented the team from winning the American League title.

After the death of Autry, his wife, Jackie Autry, turned out to be a disappointment, as did the Disney corporation even though, miraculously, the Angels broke through to win the World Series in 2002 in Disney's final season of ownership.

It seemed, finally, the Angels had found a leader, Arte Moreno, who would provide the team with the stability and shrewdness needed for it to be a perennial pennant contender, as he built a solid minor league system and wasn't fearful about spending millions on high-priced players like Vladimir Guerrero, Orlando Cabrera, Kelvim Escobar, Colon and many others.

But if the Angels do go ahead and dispatch the fellow, Jered Weaver, who's been most responsible for resurrecting their season, the team henceforth should be known as the Los Angeles Angels of Comedy Central...

The Angels desperately have been trying to trade Jeff Weaver, but no one wants him because of his inflated ERA and salary. They attempted last week to move Weaver and second baseman Adam Kennedy to the Toronto Blue Jays for third baseman Shea Hillebrand, but the Blue Jays wisely nixed it. Who but the Angels wants to be stuck with Jeff Weaver?...

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