Ozzie is at it again

Politte designated for assignment

NEW YORK -- The Chicago White Sox recalled right-hander Sean Tracey from Triple-A Charlotte on Sunday.

Tracey took Cliff Politte's spot in the bullpen. Politte was designated for assignment Saturday after allowing four runs and four hits in two innings of a 14-3 loss to the New York Yankees.

Tracey appeared in three games for the White Sox earlier this season, giving up two runs and three hits in 4 2/3 innings. He was optioned to Charlotte on June 15, when Chicago acquired right-hander David Riske in a trade with Boston.

The night before, Tracey looked distraught in the dugout in Texas after manager Ozzie Guillen yelled at him. Guillen apparently got angry because Tracey failed to hit Hank Blalock with a pitch in retaliation for the two times Rangers starter Vicente Padilla plunked Chicago catcher A.J. Pierzynski.

Tracey faced only one hitter -- Blalock -- before Guillen pulled him. TV cameras caught Guillen in the dugout throwing down a water bottle in disgust and shouting at Tracey, who was so upset that he pulled his uniform top over his head.

But the next day, Guillen said Tracey was demoted because of the Riske trade, not the rookie's outing in Texas.

"This kid is going to perform, and hopefully he'll pitch well enough to stay," Guillen said Sunday at Yankee Stadium.

Politte, a right-hander, was 2-2 with an 8.70 ERA in 30 relief appearances with Chicago this season. The White Sox have 10 days to trade, release or send him outright to the minors.

"He will find a job," Guillen said.

Now, my questions are:
How in the hell can this man be manager of the year?
Why do people love a man who so obviously is a jerk?
How can he get away with the humiliating treatment he gives the players who don't play 'hardball"? Pissed off because someone won't lower themselves & retaliate? Isn't that the job of the mafia not a professional baseball team?
Has he completely lost sight of what baseball is supposed to mean? What kind of example does this man set?

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