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So, I'm slightly obsessed with the budding repository of all human knowledge that is wikipedia. I've noticed that generally, the depth of information on baseball pages (especially player pages) are paltry and just plain sad. The pages for Yankees and Red Sox players are, not surprisingly, the best updated and best maintained.

Why let ourselves fall behind in the wikipedia race?

In the past few days, I've been spending a lot of time (perhaps too much time--and yes, I swear I have a life!) trying to update the pages of Angels players. But I can't do it alone.

Not to sound like an adopt-a-child commercial, but there are two ways you can help out:

  1. Post more information onto the relevant pages. Many of you know far more about the Angels and baseball generally than I do, and that knowledge could be shared with, you know, all of humanity.
  2. If you're not familiar with wikipedia, its image policy is pretty stringent--any photos possessing a copyright are frowned on. If you have any good photos of players that you've taken yourself, by all means, upload them so that the pages are more than just text on a page.
Imagine: you log onto wikipedia, look at the page for Mariano Rivera, admire it a bit, then log onto the page for Frankie. It blows Mo's away. It has a picture of him jubilant after a save. Aside from customary stats, it has personal information and fun trivia information like what his entrance song is.

This may sound a bit nerdy, but we're all on an Angels blog, so I suppose nerdiness comes with the territory. This is the entry for Joe Saunders--I was working on updating it during tonight's game. Prior to that, it had no information other than his birth date and that he was a pitcher for the Angels. This is what it looks like now:

Joe Saunders

Note: I know that the current image there looks pretty spiffy, but most of the photos I uploaded are property of the AP, and the wikipedia powers-that-be frowned on their placement and have scheduled them for deletion.

So, I think it would be great if a community effort could be begun to give the team the attention it is due not only here and on our TV sets, but on wikipedia as well.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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