If Nothing Happens AGAIN

If we go through winter as we have been doing the past couple years. We will have to look for BIG BATS within our organization. So here is what should happen in my opinion.


Guerrero - Rest/Rest/Rest/Rest....and Rest some more. If you can, try to make your legs even out. Have your Mom cook you great food this off season that will have you nice and strong for Spring Training.

Matthews - Do some yoga, stretch those muscles and REST. You need to exercise the body parts that gave out on you towards the end of the season. Hamstrings/Knees mainly. Bring back that Stellar Defense.

Anderson - RETIRE!!!! If not then work out and make sure you bring the SECOND HALF Anderson with you the entire 2008 season.

Rivera - Play some winter ball and continue to do strength and conditioning workouts. Also RUN ALOT so you can be fastish next season. Bring your power numbers with you cuz we are going to need them. Continue where you left of in the 2006 season.


Kotchman - Go to a witch doctor so you wont have bad luck in 2008. Continue were you were before Russel Martin Hit you in the head.

Kendrick - Great season. Now build on it and apply what you learned this season so that you can hit around .350 next season. Also improve POWER numbers next season.

Cabrera - Be a wizard and hit .300+ again. Continue your Gold Glove defense. In other words do what you did last off season.

Figgins - Go back to Super Utility. You did great this season but we need POWER at 3B. Spend your offseason hangin out with Coach Haynes and hit the batting cages by my house again so I can get your Autograph (PS Bring Haynes too).


Napoli - Visit Coach Haynes. Work on higher average and WORK OUT. Condition so that you wont get hurt next season. Improve POWER numbers as in 2006.

Mathis - Visit Coach Haynes also. Hit for higher Average and some power. Continue cat like defense.


Morales - Play RF/1B for Los Gigantes del Cibao to have a better chance next year. Find your power swing with your new stance and hit the shit out of the ball. Obtain "EL MONSTRO" in the highest level. Hit for average like you did in AAA this year and in your second call up.

McPherson - Show people what your made of in Winter Ball. DO NOT GET HURT. Hit ALOT of HRs and be as close to 100% as possible by Spring Training. WIN the STARTING 3B job. You have gone through 2 major surgeries and you are STILL playing baseball. That says something about the kind of person you are. BEST of WISHES D-Mac

Wood - Visit Coach Haynes and learn how to hit better. You have the POWER so use it. Ask Haynes how to cut down on the K's.


Izturis - Practice at all positions this winter. Hit for average and continue to get on base.

Aybar - Hang out with Haynes and Figgins and LEARN how to STEAL/HIT. Also polish up your defensive skills.

Willits - Prepare to see the bench ALOT next season. Practice hitting with Haynes and keep workin the count.

Quinlan - You gots to go. Better younger players on this team. Practice hitting Lefties just incase you do stay because that will be your main job.

Haynes - Your goal this offseason is to become our NEW HITTING COACH. Talk to Scioscia and Arte about it. Also help out the players that seek your help this offseason.


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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