Turn Your Baseball Knowledge Into $$$$$

Will Grady Sizemore hit 30 HR this year? Will Mariano Rivera save over 40 games? Will Joe Mauer hit over .322?

How about Figgy? Will he steal more than 51 bases this year? He will have to make up for lost time since he's going to miss the first 5-6 weeks of the season.

Since the Rev. has begun the over/under speculation for 2007 Angels statistics I thought that I'd throw my hat in the ring. Like the Rev. and YesWeCan I love Vegas, but I prefer to spend most of my time in the sportsbooks as opposed to at the craps tables.

Anyway, after having looked at some of the Player Propositions for the 2007 MLB season I've seen some interesting numbers and some enticing one's as well. For those who can't make it to Vegas there are online sportsbooks like ( where you can wager on various player statistical performances.    

New billion dollar hotel/casinos aren't being built nearly every week because the oddsmakers in Vegas don't know what they're doing.Nevertheless, for those of you who know enough to outsmart the so called experts there are many props and futures to choose from.

The Grady Sizemore HR total looks to be high at 30, but be careful. This number could be what we refer to in sportwagering as a "trap." Often those numbers that look the most enticing are the most misleading. One number however that I think is a lock is the total number of wins for WTE at 10. To take the "under" you must lay -125 but I don't see "Cream Weaver" approaching 10 wins this year.

As for the Angels, allows you to bet on whether or not Gary Matthews Jr. will hit over or under 17 HR or hit over or under .302.

They put the over/under on Vlad's total number of HR's at 32.5, while setting his BA at .323 and his RBI total at 110.5.

Interestingly, the over/under on total Wins by Lackey is only 13.5. Taking the over would seem to be a sure thing, but do the oddsmakers know something we don't? Could this be a trap?  

The over/under on Saves by Frankie is 43, but the under is -125. It will certainly be difficult for Frankie to top his numbers from last season.

There are also some funs props such as Odds to win 2007 American or National Manager of the Year. Scioscia is the favorite in the AL at 5/1. In the NL among others you can choose from Grady Little at 7/1 or our own Bud Black at 12/1. You can also wager on the first manager to be fired or whether the first player to be suspended for failing a drug test will come from the National or American League.

There are a wealth of options to choose from, but please remember to wager responsibly.

by Brent Carter (aka "Jack Frost")

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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