Rev's Rant/Report

Observations after three days at the stadium:

Shea Hillenbrand's two hits were hacking doinkers that could have easily been popups. Happy they fell, but no indicator of being on track.

Vlad is the first right handed batter that I have ever seen receive a shift. And it actually worked and failed one time apiece this afternoon.

Casey Kotchman and Vlad each hit monster fouls, Vlad followed his with a line drive HR to Center and Kotchman backed his up with an RBI single.

The new Terrace level gift shop is nice enough, but the supposedly awesome wall of hats has less of a selection than the average LIDS store in a mall and the merchandise in general has sameness to it.

Either there is no Bobby Grich plaque to go with his bust in the Hall of Fame shelving or it was swiped early on opening day.

Gary Matthews Junior is a GREAT Centefielder and is an absolute improvement on defense for the club. Any statistical measurement or defensive metric that says he is league average is a crock of shyte. I put Gary Pettis a smidge above Erstad, Devo and Showboat Edmonds as the all time great Angel Centerfielders, and these three games had many examples of superior defensive skills that would allow for Matthews' name to occupy the same sentence as the four aforementioned Angel greats.

Cabrera and Izturis are fine defensively.

Believe the hype, there is a spring in Garret Anderson's step that I have not seen since 2003. Our long national nightmare may be over.

Jose Molina had a bunt single. Its like free ice cream - you couldn't live on it, but it is sweet.

Reggie Willits' first hit means that every position player who has appeared in a game has had a hit and every pitcher who has taken the mound so far has recorded at least one out.

Frankie looked great opening night, a little half-assed and almost disinterested today. He could have cared less to talk to Mike Butcher when our new pitching coach came out to the mound in the 9th with trouble-a-brewing.

Justin Speier is going to be the stealthy NAILS player of the season.

The California Pizza Kitchen slices look much bigger than the Dominoes portions of the past few seasons. Not all of the concession stands are season-ready.

Skimping on security? It looks like security guards at the stadium are from an outsourced company. I've never seen more aggressive homeless people bumming change in the parking lot and selling bootleg Angel shirts and hats and saying "C'MON BE A FAN" in a confrontational tone when the sale is turned down. This will turn off more casual fans and first-time visitors than a 10-0 loss. Of course, seeing how slow and unresponsive they are IN the stadium during the game it appears that you are on your own in the parking lot afterwards...

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