Postcard from New York

A few thoughts on last night's game (and the East coast in general):

  1.  Bart's done - turn off the grill, dish him up and feed him to the vultures (or at least get some kind of trade value out of him)
  2.  How good is Orlando Cabrera?  My opening bid is "extremely"
  3.  There isn't a more dispiriting announcement you can hear in a ball park than "and now, coming in to pitch for the Angels, Darren Oliver"
  4.  The Yankee fans were actually pretty awesome - two old fellas on my right, probably 130 years between them, who absolutely insisted that Mantle would have hit 80 HRs in todays "tiny ball parks".  Younger guy behind me couldn't say enough good things about the Angels glovework and who insisted on calling me 'Wally' all night (which I really didn't mind at all)
  5.  The Yankees fans need to come up with a chant other than "Boston sucks".  After hearing it for the 485th time on the platform waiting for the D train, I'd had enough...
  6.  Disappointed to see Vlad have a slow night - really wanted to see him at his best.
  7.  After waiting 16 years to watch the Angels play live (and the first time on the road), 9 runs is a fair return - 23 runs in a game is more than we deserved, a 14-9 loss somewhat less so
  8. I still don't like the red jerseys, not only are they ugly, they now count as unlucky
  9.  On the plus side, The Kiwi loved her first baseball experience - I may get her to agree to a visit to Cooperstown after all
  10.  On the downside, after one of the old boys sitting next to us gave her his Yankees drinks holder and peanuts, she's considering a life as a Yankees fan - remedial work needs to be done today
  11.  After a week in New England, I've come to really dislike Red Sox fans - there's 1000s of the buggers and they are relentlessly one-eyed
  12.  New Yorkers shouldn't be allowed to drive cars, it's outwith their basic skill set (at the very least they should have the horns removed)
  13.  Yankee stadium is a great place to watch a ball game - they know how to generate an atmosphere
  14.  There are too many fat kids in this country - I'm not blaming, I'm observing and hoping enough others make the same observation and stop feeding them crap
  15.  I'd love to have seen Scoscia find a way of stopping the rot yesterday - when you see 5 pitchers on the box score, including Oliver, Bootcheck, Moseley.. you know it was a tough night on the mound.
That's about it, will go a get a beer and settle in for game 2... should be a classic pitching match-up.

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