A Ray of Hope

It would be an understatement to say that today is a difficult day to be an Angels fan.  Another heartbreaking loss at the hands of a team we categorically loathe has all of us questioning many things about the team we claim to love, while some have gone as far as jumping ship for the season.


Despite the poor showing so far, I still think there is hope.  Call me crazy, call me what you will, I think we can turn this around with a W on Sunday.  Proving that the Angels can actually beat the Sox in the playoffs with a victory could be the catalyst we need, jumpstarting the requisite major comeback we face at this stage.  I think a Halo blowout would be huge.  Planting a seed of doubt in the minds of the Red Sox and their minions, no matter how small, is the first step.


An inferiority complex has reared its ugly face over the last day or two.  However, Sux fans know all about the inferiority complex – they were the red-headed stepchild to the Yankees for decades.  They changed their fortunes with an improbable comeback in ’04 and the rest is history (save for the continued smug arrogance hence born).  This situation is a perfect setup to what could be ultimate gratification for Halos fans – feeding Red Sox Nation a healthy serving of delightful irony by exacting the pain they brought upon their once-dominators (or in our case, getting back at our Boston dominatrixes – or is it dominatrices?).


Will a victory on Sunday spark an epic comeback in the series?  Who knows.  But at the very least, a win on Sunday will save some face and not give the Chowds the satisfaction of another sweep.  At best, it will be the first step in exacting an ultimate revenge, leaving the denizens of Red Sox Nation in the state of psychological clusterf**k all too similar to their cousinly cohorts that support the Yankees.


Regardless of what happens, I will still be watching and supporting the Angels on Sunday.  Situations like these are painful and challenge one’s fandom.  I implore all on Halos Heaven to rise above the pedestrian ranks of weekend warrior and proudly stand tall, win or lose.  Leave the defeatism for Cubs fans.


I leave you with this:


“It’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you have the stock market beat.

But the man who’s worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his pants are too tight in the seat.”


--The Honorable Elihu Smails


Go Halos!


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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