Rethink the Payroll

With the Angels getting rid of Tex ($12.5M), GA ($12.6M), Garland ($12M), KRod ($10M), and Rivera ($2M), it frees up $49.1M. Next year, with Vlad ($15M, and Escobar ($9.5M), that's another $24.5M. All together, that's $73.6M off the books. But I'll start with this year. I've ballparked these numbers in other posts, but never in this detail. Everything I read, fans discuss money, not more than players, but enough to see that it's of genuine concern. Perhaps due to our own economic futures.

This is simply a suggestion, and I think it's moving in this direction or somewhere thereabouts. There are obviously some intangibles that we as fans, are not permitted to see or hear until the time is right. But this is what I see happening;

1. Prior to any Sabathia deal, the Angels will trade the San Diego Padres for Jake Peavy ($11M - 2009, $15M - 2010, $16M - 2011, $17M - 2012, and a $22M option for 2013)  and Khalil Greene ($6.5M). We'll centerpiece our deal around Jared Weaver ($435K), Brandon Wood ($390K), Nick Adenhart (Unknown), Gary Matthews Jr. ($10M 2009 -no trade clause, but I think he'd waive it. $11M - 2010, $12M  - 2011... and the best part... his no trade clause goes away after 2009. He'll only be able to block deals to 4 teams after that.) We'll have to eat half his salary each year. Erick Aybar ($415K), and Ryan Budde ($380K). We're sending $6.62M to them and we're getting $17.5M, a difference of $10.88M.

2. After that happens, we're going to sign CC Sabathia for 6 years $130M-$140M. That's $21.66M-$23M per. For my point, we'll go with $23M.

3. People can argue for or against Adam Dunn... it doesn't matter which side you're for, the fact remains, we just let go of our left handed bat in GA, so we're going to want another one. You don't have to like it, but I do.  I'll bet 99% of you don't know his stats measure up to Reggie Jackson.

Adam Dunn has averaged .247BA, 40HR, 96 RBI's, .381OBP, 180 K's, and .974 fielding percentage; per every 162 games played.

Reggie Jackson averaged .262BA, 32HR, 98 RBI's, .356 OBP, 171 K's, and .967 fielding percentage; per every 162 games played.

Like it or not, it's in the numbers folks. We'll likely sign him for 3 years $36-39M.

4. I like this next one, haven't seen it, or heard about it but, Frank Thomas.  He made $12.5M last year but only played in 71 games. In 2006, he signed for $500K and played in 34 games the year prior. Maybe he'll sign for $2.5M base, with incentives.

5. Resign Darren Oliver for $2M.

With everything from Greene, Peavy, Sabathia, Dunn, Thomas, and Oliver, we've only overspent on Arte's budget by $2.25M.

1. Chone Figgins (3rd)

2. Howie Kendrick (2nd)

3. Vlad Guerrero (RF/DH)

4. Adam Dunn (LF/DH)

5. Frank Thomas (DH/1st)

6. Torii Hunter (CF)

7. Khalil Greene (SS)

8. Kendry Morales (1st)

9. Mike Napoli (C)

Bench: Reggie Willits, Jeff Mathis, Sean Rodriguez,  Maicer Izturis, Robb Quinlan

SP1: John Lackey

SP2: CC Sabathia

SP3: Jake Peavy

SP4: Ervin Santana

SP5: Joe Saunders

BP: Justin Speier, Darren Oliver, Kevin Jepson, Shane Loux, Scot Shields.

Closer: Jose Arredondo.

Last time I posted something like this, I saw it (The Angels site), plagiarized by beat writer Lyle Spencer three days later. The Epic Rotation. That was mine folks.

I know it's long but, I put a lot thought into this. It can work... just have to be a little creative with the money.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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