Alright ENOUGH!!!!

I challenge everyone to comb through our blogs with an outsider perspective.  What is it about this fan base or this team that causes us to be so manic.  Is it that we’ve seen YEARS of irrelevance and failure, and know how fleeting, how temporary the success can truly be?  We’re all aware of our recent success and how despite that, we’re still viewed largely as a silly bunch of children run by a Mouse, and prey to a Monkey.  If you look at our conversations in here, how could you blame most outsiders for that opinion. 

People, we had the MOST SUCCESSFUL REGULAR SEASON in the HISTORY of the franchise.  Did you forget?  Yes, we lost some valuable parts.  I wanted Teix back too.  I was one of the ones that said that unless we sign Teix, trading Kotchman was failed move.  But this is the ebb and flow.  This is the part that makes baseball exciting.  The fact that none of us can do anything about the outcome of any of this.  Perhaps that’s the reason for all the chicken littles out there.  The complete lack of control. 

Boras is doing what he is HIRED to do

Boras is HIRED by the PLAYERS stop crying about him

NO team gets all the pieces they want.  And the ones that do, don’t always win anyway

Take a look at almost every WS winner since the Yankee dynasty of late 90’s.  All had a SMART mix of FA’s, and Farm products.  But how many of them had THE marquee free agent signing of the offseason. 

The “Armageddon” arguments, posts, and comments in this forum are in large part, the EXACT same as that b.s. drivel print “journalism” that we constantly complain about. I know that the chance to converse about  baseball adds at least a little relevance to our lives these long baseball-free months, but come on friends, screw your heads on a little tighter and start thinking and acting like the organization you live for: Classy and Intelligent. 

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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