Signings and trade ideas

I've been mulling this over and over all night trying to figure out ways to get better besides the typical Dunn and Burrell conversations. I know Peavy is still a hot topic around here. First, the signings I would like to see happen:

1. Sign Mark Mulder for the 5th spot in the rotation. The most recent reports on ESPN is that he's healthy and has figured out the delivery issue. Angel pitching coach Mike Butcher has done a solid job cleaning up pitchers mechanics the past two seasons and I think he'd work well with Mulder. Back in Oakland, he wasn't the ace (Hudson and Zito)... the big three. In St. Louis, he was asked to lead a rotation due to the injuries to Carpenter and Wainwright. Maybe he's the kind of guy who needs more around him, which we obviously do. He's likely low cost too and that's a plus.I was thinking 1year for $1M-$2M base filled with incentives.

2. Sign Jason Varitek. The Red Sox just signed Josh Bard (formerly of the Padres) to be their catcher, and rumor has it they're still trying to trade with the Rangers for one of their young catchers. Tek would be able to spell Napoli in the event of injury or just a day off and play better than average defense. His big plusses are his invaluable leadership on and off the field. His game calling ability is amazing. He may be able to help us against the Red Sox in terms of how to approach their pitchers and hitters. No, he's not the hitter he once was, but that's not why I want him signed. I want the leadership and defense. 1-2 year deal max for $2M-$4M per.

3. Sigh, if we must, then we  must, sign Fuentes for no more than 3 years at $8M per. If he really to be an Angel, those are our terms... take it or leave it.

Now for the trade, my one and only trade:  Mathis, Morales, Wood, Adenhart, Weaver, and Willits to the Padres for Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez. It fills holes for the Pads and they get young players who won't cost them for a few years.

My line-up:

1. Figgins 3rd

2. Izturis SS

3. Guerrero RF/DH

4. Gonzalez 1st

5. Hunter CF/DH

6. Rivera LF/RF/DH

7. Kendrick 2nd

8. Napoli C

9. Matthew Jr. LF/CF/RF/DH (When healthy)

Bench: Evans, Rodriguez, Aybar, Varitek, Quinlan, Brown.

SP1. Lackey

SP2. Peavy

SP3: Saunders

SP4: Santana

SP5. Mulder

BP: Arredondo

BP: Spier

BP: Oliver

Set-up: Shields

Closer: Fuentes

If  you want one more in the pen Jespon till/if Escobar comes back. Or if you feel Jepson is expendable, insert him in the deal minus Willits so we don't have to carry Evans on the 25 man roster. I know Reagins said we're going with a youth movement, but I'm not especially sold on it. If we ever have the abiity to obtain Peavy and Gonzalez, for the above mentioned guys, better damn well do it. Good trade for both clubs.

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