Morales VS Kotchman

Last year I did this hole comparison between Kendry Morales and Casey Kotchman arguing that Morales is the better of the two. Dont get me wrong I like them both and would hate to see either leave but who should have more playing time this year will were stuck with GA. In 2009 Morales will be the primary DH with HGH in LF and Vlad in RF.

Kotchman's First 321 MLB ABs went Like this....
73(Hits) .227(Avg) 13(2B) 8(HR) 42(Ks) .343(Slug)

Morales' First 316 MLB ABs went Like this....
81(Hits) .256(Avg) 20(2B) 9(HR) 1(3B) 49(Ks) .411(Slug)

As you can clearly see Morales has a better bat. He has more hits, doubles, Homers, a higher Average and Slugging than Kotchman in 5 less ABs. The only thing that Kotchman has on Kendry is Less Strike outs.

I know the Kotchman superfans are going to say that Kotchman was sick during 2006 but whos falt is that, Mr. Mono? If he would have broken a bone or gotten hit in the head by Martin then I would be lenient but He brought it upon himself.  

So lets move on to fielding.

3 Errors in 80 Games

5 Errors in 81 Games

Kotchman gets the better glove award in a slim fight. In 2007 Kotchman made 3 Errors while Morales made 0. Kotchman played 1st way more than Kendry and showed he is on of the best 1B in MLB in fielding.

This all being said Morales and Kotchman are both VERY GOOD ball players but Morales has a better bat with a slightly lower glove than Kotchman.

Morales WINS...

Just to add....
Kotch 2007
443 ABs .296(Avg) .467(SLG) .372(OBP) 11(HR) 3(3B) 37(2B).

Morales 2007
119 ABs .294(Avg) .479(SLG) .333(OBP) 4(HR) 10(2B)

Both overcame obstacles. Kotchman was nailed by Russell and Morales was on the bench having to scavange for ABs and loosing his groove by sitting out so much. He was also between AAA and MLB a couple times. Both have proven they belong in the Bigs Playing EVERY DAY and now all we can do is wait and see how Scioscia Distributes the the playing time. Kotch should get plenty ABs at 1B but Kendry now has to fight 6 other people for time at DH(Rivers,HGH,GA,VLAD,HUNTER,Willits) and is left to hope that Scioscia will give him some time at 1B once in a while.

Good luck to both in 2008 I hope they Bust the Ball and both hit over .300 for the first time in their short but promessing careers.

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