The Angels Hitting

I've noticed that not too many posts have been made about the hitting situation the angels are in at the moment.  Its true that some key hitters like Kendrick are currently on the disabled list but the rest of our hitters with a few exceptions like Kotch, and Aybar, seem to be really struggling.  Here are just some of their numbers...

Here are some of our every day players...

Figgy has a season .303 AVG with a .411 OBP (nothing too unusual about that, great hitter with a good eye) but in the last 7 games he's hitting .192 with only 1 xtra base hit and 9 k's

GMJ has a season .229 with a .303 OBP (looking sorta simular to last years .252 final batting average, a year where his K's were the highest and xtra base hits were some of his lowest)   in the last 7 games he's hitting a wopping.. .095 with only 2 hits all together

GA is hitting .224 with a .256 OBP (Though he is second on the team with 7 doubles) but in the previous 7 .182 BA no xtra base hits and no RBI's

Torii Hunter a off season addition seems to be working out nicely with a highlight reel already of excellent catches but he is also getting it done with the bat,  .313 BA  .363 OBP, 4 HR, leading the team with 9 doubles and 17 RBI,  in the past 7 days he's continued his good start with a .320 average, a double and a triple, 5 RBIs....seems to be doing ok to me

Kotchy his tearing it up with his .337 BA, .397 OBP, 6 HR, 20 RBI 9:7 BB/K Ratio he seems to be getting it done and it hasn't cooled in the past 7 games, .364 BA, .391 OBP  2 doubles, and 4 RBI's....if he continues this he'd definitally be setting personal season highs....

and Big me Vlad's season so far has been the most disapointing seeing at this point in the season he's roughly in the .320-.330 BA range usually one of the AL leaders in doubles and HR's and the angels biggest run producer... this season he is hitting .257 with only 3 HR's, 14 RBI's and 20 K's (which is second only to a struggling GMJ and a surprising Figgy?)  but in the past 7 days Vladdy hasn't seemed to break his slump...hitting .136 with only 1 double and no HR's, and 6 RBI's....  doesn't seem to be the same ol' power hitting Vladdy I know...

as for the non-every day players:

Izturis   .197 BA,        Napoli .237 BA but has made that up with his team leading and AL leading? 7 HR's,           Mathis .280 BA          J.Rivera .167 BA,        Quinlan .222 BA,       Wood (in 4 games)  .143 BA with 4 k's       Brown (in 2 games)  .200 BA       Willits (in 6 games) .400 BA    but Aybar who has more AB's then any of these non-everyday players and rightfully so his hitting .313 with 5 2B's 1 HR and 13 RBI's

We all know pitching wins baseball games....its a fact, look it up if you don't believe me but our 2 aces are disabled, weaver and garland have been on then off....the only 2 pitchers that are doing outstanding and have definitally caught the eyes of others are 2 pitchers that were projected to start the season in the bullpen Saunders 5-0 and E.Santana 5-0.   

The season is early I know, but something seems to be concerning about the team at the moment.         

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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