Weaver: Satan?

The following are some of the observations made about Jered Weaver during last night's game thread:


His velocity is in "hit me" range

the Angels offense better have a REALLY good night

Weaver is by far our weakest starter. Not sure what the brass are going to do when Escobar comes back after the all-star game

Garland goes to the pen, or Weaver goes back down

He does make some attractive trade bait thoug

Let's see how high his ERA goes before calling his demotion "ridiculous"

If Kelvim is capable of starting surely he needs to go into the rotation? Somebody's gonna get their ass sent down or DFA'ed if his comeback continues at this pace.

Weaver left his good command at Arizona

I'm sick of the Weavers. Get rid of this guy.

he was screaming into his glove when he walked the first batter in the first inning. Head case.

See how he likes it in the bullpen if you don't want to trade him. You know, we could get a good player who could help our offense in a trade for Weaver.

BOTG: Weaver, Mathis, and the entire offense.

Weaver was the proximate cause for the loss.


All of this, mind you, while Weaver was pitching 75% of a no-hitter!

A few points: Weaver is not "by far our weakest starter." That dishonor goes to DustiNick AdenMoseley, who (in case you didn't notice) started 8 games this year, because pitchers have this annoying habit of getting injured. Trade Weaver, and you're just one elbow-tweak away from some tasty 7.36 ERA that will make you pine for the days when you could hate on a guy just for the way he shouts into his glove. Also, if there is any gap at all this year between the performances of Weaver and Garland, it sure the hell ain't a "by far."

Regarding "let's see how high his ERA goes," the better question might be "let's see how LOW his ERA goes," since Weaver has cut it from 5.59 to 4.30 over his last nine starts (during which he's 5-3 with an ERA of 3.21, and a K/BB ratio of nearly 3-1). Do you know how many teams in baseball have a 5th starter whose ERA is as low as 4.30? Exactly one.

I haven't spent much time on game threads here this year, but if this is any indicator, I haven't been missing much. Go ahead and hate on a guy for his body language or his haircut (or whatever deeply evil thing Jeff Mathis did to UCIhalo's family), but it gets a bit wearying to be told again and again that the no-hitter you're watching is actually a manifestation of a guy throwing "hit me" stuff with bad command who is forcing his offense to have a REALLY good night and deserves to be blamed for the loss & then sent down to AAA or traded.

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