There's no place like home


I just got back from a 2-week trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee (my wife is from there)

I had a great time, except trying to get used to Eastern Standard Time to get updates on the Angels.

Anyway, I managed to sneak in a trip to Turner Field to see the Braves v. Mets and here are some impressions:

Ticket prices were good. We got seat 6 rows up from the RF wall for $22 a ticket. - Upon entering and finding our seats, approximately 45 min before the game started, the usher comes by and checks our tix. - (Here's where it gets strange)

We had tix for seats 105-107. I was in possession of 106, but actually sat in seat 107 so my wife could sit next to her friend. The usher couldn't understand why I was sitting in the wrong seat and was going to make us move until I physically switched tix with my wife.

15 min before the game starts, I decided to check out the food. I found out first hand why the Big A is rated the best family experience in the MLB. $5 hot dogs, and $6 burgers, not to mention $8 beer. Althought for $8.50 you can buy a plastic bottle from the beer vendor walking around.

We sat through an hour-and-a-half rain delay, which flooded the seats on the wall. Braves fans are BRUTAL. The fans around us were drunk before the game, drank during the delay and drank during the game. And they heckled Ryan Church with the same chant for 8 innings "Ryan!! Ryan!!! Ryan!!! - You suck!" and they would do that at least twice an inning.

My mother called me after CS Fullerton alum Mark Kotsay hit a homer to tell me that I was on ESPN. Since I don't care about either team, it was really interesting to watch a game that I had no vested interest in other than seeing a guy I have on my fantasy team got 3-for-3. It was a fun time, but I'm grateful to a park with reasonable prices, fans that come up with better heckles.

I actually HAVE photos, but I can't import them. If I figure it out, I'll post them.


Go Halos


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