Tony Reagins: Two Months In

We're two months into the season that Reagins helped build, so I wanted to reflect on what has transpired so far.  While it is obvious that the team is in great shape record-wise (2nd in baseball behind Chicago), it seems more important to see what role his major moves (or non-moves) have played in that.

First up is Jon Garland for Orlando Cabrera.

Garland: 6-3, 3.87, 8/13 in quality starts.

Cabrera: .263/.316/.340, 9SBs

This seems like a pretty easy pick.  Cabrera's unsightly .656OPS is actually a great improvement over what it was mere weeks ago, when it was sub-.600.  Meanwhile, Garland has been solid, if unspectacular in giving us quality starts and #3-starter type number.  His low-K total is negligible in the face of his ability to eat through valuable innings (averaging about 6.5 per start).

Next: Torii Hunter: .268/.335/.442, 7HR, 29RBIs, 8SBs

Hunter has been a bit inconsistent so far, but his numbers are right about on-par with what we were to expect from him at the start of the season.  He has provided the defense we all knew he would give us, and provided decent pop at the plate, along with a handful of timely hits.  He's also swiping bags at a pretty decent clip.

And finally, the trade that wasn't: Miguel Cabrera for about a billion different people.

Cabrera: .274/.352/.451, 8HR, 36RBIs

Miguel was the subject of a billion trade rumors with the Angels this offseason, involving names like Ervin Santana (8-2, 3.01), Joe Saunders (9-2, 2.63), Howie Kendrick (.338 in limited time), and several others.  His numbers thus far this season are eerily similar to the production (and far better glove, mind you) that we have begun to receive from our free agent signing of Torii Hunter thus far.  With the price tag of Miguel's new contract, we're not even losing significantly more money by having Torii instead of this point.  Of course, Miguel stands to improve on his current level of play, and into the future, but for the time being, the contributions we have received from the players we stood to lose in the trade are simply impossible to offset by one offensive player, even if Cabrera was playing to his absolute ceiling.  It seems indisputable that, thus far, Reagins absolutely made the right move in backing out of this trade.  We're a better team for it.

Just as we are thus far a better team for all of his offseason dealing.

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