Angels have no power in the minors!

Our whole farm is entirely devoid of any kind of decent hitting prospects.  Oh no!  Whatever will we do!?!

Oh, except these guys today:

S-Rod 3-4 today with his 19th HR in 206 AB.  That projects to 55 in 600 AB (granted, this is the PCL, but that's still impressive).  That all with an avg/obp/slg line of .310/.412/.660.  After seeing his defensive skills earlier this year in the majors, is there not at least a shot we see him starting at SS for the Angels in 2009?

AA Arkansas:
So I went to look at Rancho, and noticed that 1B Mark Trumbo didn't play today, so I had this sneaky suspicion he'd been promoted.  Sure enough, he had!  Just today!  In his AA debut?  Try 5-5 for 2 HR and a double.  That puts his MILB season total at 28 in 412 AB.  Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Chris Pettit, who missed most of the beginning of the year hit 2 tonight as well.  Both were back to back with Trumbo. 

For all the talk of how our system has no good prospects left, I'm not sure I agree.  And this is without even discussing our elite prospects Conger, Walden and Adenhart, nor those starting to show solid growth despite being a little to old to be considered star prospects, aka Sandoval, Matt Brown and Jason Bulger, nor the slightly-starting-to-be-kinda-frustrating-but-supposedly-elite-prospect Brandon Wood.

Update: To put this in perspective, I'm including a chart of S-Rod's age 23 season in AAA and D-Mac's age 23 season split between AA and AAA. It should help explain why this is so exciting. Also, if you include D-Mac's age 28 MILB season, you see that while he is hitting more HR, it's not drastically faster rate, and S-Rod has a much better AVG and actually draws walks, too! The only disclaimer here is that D-Mac kept this performance up over a much larger sampling of AB. All stats include S-Rod's performance today. A little crazy, eh?

D-Mac 23 AA/AAA 521 40 46 .317 .384 .670


D-Mac 27 AAA 340 38 67 .297 .403 .688


S-Rod 23 AAA 207 19 55 .319 .417 .676 1.093

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