Is Boras that powerful?

There are a couple of things that have really bothered me over Teixeira signing with the Yankees. Like most that visit this site, I was really disappointed that Tex did not re-sign with the Angels. More than that, it appears Boras has more power than I previously realized. Here are a couple of things we know from the Teixeira negotiations;

 1. The Yanks must have already had their offer on the table when the Red Sox paid a visit to Tex in Texas . That was about a week before the Yankees offer became public.

2. The Angels pulled their offer off of the table about 2 days before the Yankees offer was made public.

 What amazes me is that there was absolutely no news that leaked out of the Yankees offer. The speculation was whether or not the Yanks would even make an offer. Since the Sox and Yanks are rivals, what would be Boston ’s motivation for not leaking this news? I cannot believe they left Texas not knowing the offer on the table from the Yankees. Yet the speculation was that Boston was “playing” Boras . We now know the Sox reaction was legitimate. For the Angels to pull their offer, they must have learned about the Yankees offer. But – once again – absolutely no news leaks.

Secrets are the hardest thing to keep, yet the Yankees were able to keep their offer secret for at least a week or longer. This required cooperation – or at least closed lips – from the front offices of the Angels, the Red Sox, and perhaps others. Given the media swarm in New York , this is especially surprising.

 The question in my mind is this: Does Boras wield enough power that he can keep people silent? I don’t suggest this in some weird conspiratorial mafioso sense. It may be more pragmatic. Boras ’ client list includes so many players –especially high profile players – that team management does not want to create problems with potential or existing Boras clients. Or are there other explanations for the silence on the Yankees offer?

 There are many thoughtful people that contribute to this site. I am interested in your insights or comments.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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