Remaining Free Agents

Here is what's left. This is from with what I cleaned up. The statement is always made, "We're always looking to make our club better..." So my opinion is simple with a little input for some. Would they make us better.


Bobby Abreu, RF - Free Agent (A) - NY Yankees - Yes for his ability to hit in the 2 hole.


Moises Alou, LF - Free Agent (B) - NY Mets - No.


Garret Anderson, LF - Free Agent (B) - LA Angels - I'm sorry GA. You’d make us better right now, but we just can't ask you to come back.


Luis Ayala, RP - Free Agent (B) - NY Mets - I believe we're set in the pen.


Denny Bautista, RP - Free Agent - Pittsburgh - Same as above.


Joe Beimel, RP - Free Agent (B) - LA Dodgers – Same as above.


Matt Belisle, SP - Free Agent - Cincinnati - Same as above.


Emil Brown, LF - Free Agent - Oakland - No.


Paul Byrd, SP - Free Agent (B) – Boston – No.


Orlando Cabrera, SS - Free Agent (A) - Chicago Sox – He makes us better right away, but I can’t see the Angels asking him to come back… especially after the trade was awash.


Bartolo Colon, SP - Free Agent - Boston - No. 


Alex Cora, SS - Free Agent - Boston - No.


Craig Counsell, 3B - Free Agent - Milwaukee - No.


Joe Crede, 3B - Free Agent - Chicago Sox - No, you would hinder Wood's growth.


Juan Cruz, RP - Free Agent (A) - Arizona - No.


Adam Dunn, LF - Free Agent (A) - Arizona - Absolutely. I'd do the deal today.


Ray Durham, 2B - Free Agent - Milwaukee - No.


David Eckstein, SS - Free Agent - Arizona - It would be great to have you back and I suppose it could happen if Figgins was dealt along with Aybar/Izturis. You could be our leadoff hitter again and a fan favorite. However, highly unlikely.


Jim Edmonds, CF - Free Agent - Chicago Cubs - Always remember "The Catch", but our relationship has run it's course.


Cliff Floyd, DH - Free Agent - Tampa Bay - Left handed DH fits our need, but I can't see him as an Angel. Nor, would I want him.


Eric Gagne, RP - Free Agent (B) - Milwaukee - Haha.... no.


Freddy Garcia, SP - Free Agent - Detroit - Could be a nice low risk option for the 5th slot in the rotation.


Nomar Garciaparra, SS - Free Agent - LA Dodgers - I'd take you for what Quinlan does. Ship Q, and bring in Nomar. Great back-up.


Jon Garland, SP - Free Agent (B) - LA Angels - I love the workhorse mentality, but you don't make us better.


Tom Glavine, SP - Free Agent - Atlanta – Another veteran lefty... recovering from injury. I'll pass on you.


Ken Griffey Jr., RF - Free Agent (B) - Chicago Sox - Would fit our need with a left handed bat in the DH slot but I can't see you as an Angel. But yes, he would make us better.


Mark Grudzielanek, 2B - Free Agent (B) - Kansas City - No.


Eddie Guardado, RP - Free Agent - Minnesota - No.


Livan Hernandez, SP - Free Agent - Colorado - No.


Orlando Hernandez, SP - Free Agent - NY Mets - No.


Eric Hinske, RF - Free Agent - Tampa Bay - No.


Orlando Hudson, 2B - Free Agent (A) - Arizona - Yes, but where? So no.


Jacque Jones, LF - Free Agent - Florida - No.   


Gabe Kapler, CF - Free Agent - Milwaukee - No.


Jeff Kent, 2B - Free Agent (B) - LA Dodgers - He would make us better today, but not tomorrow. Strictly as a DH, he has some value left in him.


Mark Kotsay, CF - Free Agent - Boston - No.


Jon Lieber, RP - Free Agent - Chicago Cubs - No.


Paul Lo Duca, C - Free Agent (B) - Florida - No.


Braden Looper, SP - Free Agent (B) - St. Louis - No.


Derek Lowe, SP - Free Agent (A) - LA Dodgers - Yes, and the more I look at this, the more I'm beginning to believe he'll be part of our rotation next year. He'd be solid for us.


Brandon Lyon, RP - Free Agent - Arizona - Yes, if Speier doesn't return to form.


Pedro Martinez, SP - Free Agent - NY Mets - I don't like his injuries, plus we’ll end up playing the Yanks and I don’t want to hear their his daddy… so no.


Guillermo Mota, RP –Free Agent – Milwaukee – No.


Mark Mulder, SP - Free Agent - St. Louis - My darkhorse. I'd like to see it on a 1 year deal w/ a possible for two. 1M$ tops. He's still young enough and I think he can bounce back. Sue me HH.


Will Ohman, RP - Free Agent - Atlanta - Yes, again, pending Speier.


Oliver Perez, SP - Free Agent (A) - NY Mets - I think Adenhart would be just as good and he’s a class A, so no.


Andy Pettitte, SP - Free Agent (A) - NY Yankees - He could help us. He's better than Adenhart at this moment so yes.


Mark Prior, SP - Free Agent - San Diego - Interesting but no.


Manny Ramirez, LF - Free Agent (A) - LA Dodgers - Obviously. He alone makes us have serious offense. The only FA left that allows us to make that jump. 


Dennys Reyes, RP - Free Agent (B) - Minnesota - No.


Juan Rincon, RP - Free Agent - Cleveland - No.


Ivan Rodriguez, C - Free Agent (B) - NY Yankees - No.


Kenny Rogers, SP - Free Agent - Detroit - No.


Takashi Saito, RP - Free Agent - LA Dodgers - No.


Ben Sheets, SP - Free Agent (A) - Milwaukee - He makes us better instanntly too but I've noticed the halos don't keep people around who have a recent history of injuries, especially pitchers.


Frank Thomas, DH - Free Agent (B) - Oakland - I'd take a flier on him for DH on a 1 year deal for $1M and incentives. Again... sue me HH.


Juan Uribe, 3B - Free Agent (B) - Chicago Sox - No.


Jason Varitek, C - Free Agent (A) Boston - No.


Omar Vizquel, SS -  Free Agent - San Francisco - No.


Ty Wigginton, 3B -  Free Agent - Houston - No.


Brad Wilkerson, RF - Free Agent - Toronto - No.


Randy Wolf, SP - Free Agent (B) - Houston - He makes us better today, not tomorrow. Plus, his contract will be greater than his value.


Gregg Zaun, C Toronto - No.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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