Angels Comeback Destroys Red Sox Curse

Final Score in Fenway Park: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 7, Boston Red Sox 6

If you tuned in for an exciting baseball game, you wouldn't know it by the saddened sound of NESN announcer Don Orsillo, pouting a mumble of would've-could've-should've plaudits to his beaten and bruised Red Sox. Tell the equally tin-eared Buck Martinez that no matter how much lube he warms up for Clay Buchholz, the Angels did it.

In dramatic fashion against Jonathan Papelbon, baseball's 2nd best closer, the Angels scored 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning to stun a Fenway Park crowd of smug and entitled chowds into deadened mute agonizing silence. And it is going to be a long cold winter of silence. Maybe Red Sox owner John Henry can get Dave Henderson to throw out the first heating bill of winter for his lonely mansion as he bitterly relives the TEAM OF THE DECADE destroying his mythological masterpiece in the final Fenway game of the decade.

Monday will be the 23-year anniversary of the fabled Donnie Moore Game. But it will be the first day of the rest of the franchise's life!

Genius manager Terry Francona walked Torii Hunter to get to Vladimir Guerrero and for every idiot who whines about taking the first pitch, Vlad swung for your ignorance and dropped a base hit into Centerfield to give the Angels THE lead. The rally started with two outs and TWO strikes to Erick Aybar. Four minutes later the previously untouchable Papelbon had surrendered three runs and the lead.

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