HH player ratings: Game 3: Angels 5, Yankees 4

Our Halos are still struggling at the plate but managed to gut this one out. Abreu, Rivera, Kowbell and Desmond were all swinging limp sticks. Fortunately, we had enough to carry this to Game 4 ...

Sorry I'm so late with these player rankings but a) I broke my ankle b) lost my laptop and c) these last 2 games have taken nearly 10 hours to complete. That, said, here are my completely biased unbiased player rankings from Game 3 ... As usual please feel free to flame me and post your own player rating below. .... Ratings will be quicker after tonight's game against the Devil Rays :)


Derek Jeter SS:
Hardly put a foot wrong. Set the tone for tough day with his first AB dong. And played great defense despite the reputation. Rating: 8
Johnny Damon LF: Another overall good game for one of the Yanks' veterans. Tough out and his HR got into Weaver's head and wanted to win. Rating: 8
Mark Teixeira 1B: Well U-Haul tried hard but despite how much he puffs out his cheeks to show how much he's trying, he was basically a non-factor, except on D. Rating: 3
Alex Rodriguez 3B: Steir-Rod hit a lazy fly ball then a bomb that seemed to rattle Weaver. Made a bad throw on Vlad's chopper but got away with it thanks to ump/Tex. Rating: 6
Hideki Matsui DH: Always looks dangerous. I am seriously scared about this guy swinging the old pipe. Not much impact yesterday but he strikes fear into pitchers: Rating: 5
Jorge Posada C: As usual a solid game behind the plate and yanked solid home run off Jepsen. Rating: 6
Robinson Cano 2B: A pest but Bulger made him look silly. Decent defense. Rating: 5
Nick Swisher RF: The only likeable Yankee had a horrific game. With runners on first-and-third, Swish popped out to LF and whiffed. Should switch to pitching, because he's better on the mound. Rating: 2
Melky Cabrera CF: This guy is just not a very good player. Period. No impact whatsoever except for catching a few fly balls. Rating: 3

Andy Pettitte: Gutsy performance that you would expect from the veteran who stares over his glove before every pitch. Left a hanger to Vlad and that what ruins his overall. Rating: 6
Joba Chamberlain: Overblown. Coughed up the lead in the 7th. Rating: 1
Damaso Marte: No rating.
Phil Coke: No rating.
Phil Hughes: Damn good in the 9th and looks tough. Rating: 7
Mariano Rivera: Spitball was doing no good for one-inning Mariano as was not as dominant as before. Shouldn't have to rely on defending his own position but what a horrible throw to third. Rating: 3
David Robertson: No rating.
Alfredo Aceves:
Anybody who gives up a game-winning double to Jeff Mathis deserves what he gets. Rating: 1

Francisco Cervelli: Who is this guy?  No rating.
Brett Gardner: Nailed stealing but superman Mathis. Rating: 1
Jerry Hairston Jr.:: Whiffed. Rating: 2


Chone Figgins 3B: Still no fire from the top of our lineup apart from the 1st inning single. Hitting the ball hard but could use a phone call from Nate Haynes. Defensively a gem as usual which drives his ... Rating: 4
Bobby Abreu RF: How can a guy be great and horrible in the same game? This guy can. Worked counts brilliantly but never came through. Baserunning gaffe was a potential huge factor. Rating: 3
Torii Hunter CF: Looks tough, talks tough, didn't get it done with the bat. Great glove may have saved a run or two though. Rating: 5
Vladimir Guerrero DH: Old man is done, huh? How about the single up the middle, the patient walk against Pettitte, and of course the massive, soaring, towering Vlad-like bomb with 2 outs to tie the game. Didn't swing at 8 of the first 9 pitches he saw. Calm. Rating: 9
Kendry Morales 1B: Smoked the ball a couple of times but killed a rally with a tailor-made DP ball in the 2nd and didn't look comfortable until he got to swinging from the left side. Rating: 4
Howie Kendrick 2B: What can you say? Formerly banished to the Salt Lake City Bees, red-hot Dude is tearing the cover off the ball and it showed up in his bomb to LF and triple off the wall. Nice D too. Great job, Howie ... Rating: 9
Mike Napoli C: Never looked comfortable with either Weaver or in the batter's box. Pettitte make him look the fool on the K in the 5th. Rating: 4
Erick Aybar SS: Good game. Standard good defense and got a great jump on his steal. Handled the bat well and Got the bunt DOWN for once!. Rating: 7

Jered Weaver: Well our Weaver the Younger didn't have it when we needed it. Lost command of his fastball and fell behind in the count way to often. Oliver was warming up by the 4th, that's what the Angels staff felt about his stuff. Pouted and stomped into the clubhouse when relieved by the Soth. A bad performance from a pitcher of his caliber. Minus-1 deduction for pouting and stomping into the clubhouse when rightfully reilieved by the Soth.. Rating: 3
Darren Oliver: Unflappable as usual. Should have started this game. Rating: 9
Kevin Jepsen: Is going to be great but not yet. The bearded one walked Matsui and grooved one to Posada to give up a hard-earned lead. Ratteld by 45,000 in the seats and a playoff atmosphere? Possibly. Rating: 3
Brian Fuentes: Outstanding inning in the 9th for the man with unusually short arms. Rating: 8
Jason Bulger: Fell behind Posada 3-0 and then whiffed him. Got a nice ground-ball out when he needed it. The definition of relief pitching. Rating: 8
Ervin Santana: Looks great coming out of the pen and showed awesome command. If the game would have gone 17 innings Voodoo would have finished it. Rating: 8

Maicer Izturis: Why not bring on the Mighty Mouse in a clutch spot? Want a guy who can put the bat on the ball and give you a sacrifice fly? The Boy King is your man. Rating: 7
Jeff Mathis: Well, what can you say about this performance? Does it justify the Soth's mancrush on him? I suppose so, because Jeff Mathis delivered one of the best playoff performances in Angels history. A great throw on the pitch-out to nail Jason Gardner, then one of the worst hitters in the major leagues doubled up the gap to off Hughes to lead off the bottom of the 10th. And we all know what his double against Aceves did. There are no 10's unless it's a shutout, no-hitter, 5-for-5, but hell. Mathis is getting laid. Rating: 9.5

Joe Girardi: May have overmanaged this game. His lineup sets itself, but he may come to regret using seven (7) relievers in this one. He was going for the jugular but didn't count on the clutchness of Jeff Mathis. And who can blame him? Rating: 5
Mike Scioscia: Lucky or great? This is the question we ask of the great managers. Every big move the Soth made -- the pitchout on Gardner's steal attempt, Izturis PH-ing for Napoli, intentionally walking A-Rod --came out just right and the Angels got the win to get back in the series. The Soth Knows. Rating: 9



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