HH Player Ratings: Game 5, ALCS. Angels 7, Yankees 6

I had to wait for my heartbeat to slow down before I could even think about posting anything, but here we go with highland's fearless and completely unbiased biased player ratings for Game 5.

Bring it on, Spanks ... and we''ll see you all on Saturday .... ~ highland

Derek Jeter, SS: Not as instrumental with the bat in this game but HOFer is having a very solid series. 164 postseason hits and this shows why ... very patient ab against Lackey in 7th. Whiffed against Weaver but it was a great pitch. Rating: 7

Johnny Damon, LF: Batting .657 in this series and he scares the hell out of me. His bat is still dangerous. Popped up with Lackey on the ropes in the 7th but hardly did anything else wrong. Rating: 7

Mark Teixiera, 1B: Big deal, U-Haul. Huge gapper in the 7th but you're still a money-grabbing asshat. Go screw yourself. Rating: 5.

Alex Rodriguez 3B: How do you rate a guy who is a proven juicer? Almost impossible, but let's look at the figures. Dude had a good game including a ringing double off the wall with no outs in the 6th. Rating: 6.

Hideki Matsui DH: This guy continues to frustrate, produce and intimidate. Great discipline to draw walk with 2 out in the 6th against Lackey. 2 for 3 against Fuentes. And a great walk against Fuentes in the closing frame. Rating: 8.5

Robinson Cano 2B: Just good enough to cause enough trouble. A weak grounder to SS in 6th against a tiring Lackey but played good D and didn't give up. Rating: 5.

Nick Swisher RF: The most (and almost only) likeable Yankee had 100 percent no effect whatsoever. Girardi should have had the balls to pinch-hit for this guy. With two outs in the Yankees' 6-run 7th, he pops out for the last out. Always tried hard but not good enough. Should stick to pitchingor stand-up comedy. Rating: 1.

Melky Cabrera, CF: Good job for a No. 8 hitter. Delivers 2nd extra base hit in a key spot. Why can't we get this guy out? Was due for a good game and had one. Rating: 7

Jose Molina, C: Former Halos backstop was almost no factor. Rating: 4.

Jorge Posada: PH-C: No factor. Tap out against Weaver. Rating:4

Freddy Guzman: Runs for the intentionally walked A-Rod. No rating.

Brett Gardner: PR for Matsui. No rating.

AJ Burnett: Absolutley lit up in the first and almost give his team no chance. Settled in after that though, glad we won't have to see him again. Rating: 5

Damaso Marte: Got his ass kissed by the ump in the 7th. No rating.

Phil Hughes: Brought in with two out in the 7th to face Hunter and Vlad. Cocked it all up. Rating: 2.

Joba Chamberlain Gave up a massive gapper to Rivera but whiffed the red-hot Mathis. Rating: Incomplete.

Mariano Rivera: Comes in 1st and 3rd with 1 out in the 8th, runners on 1st and 3rd, Figgins up Did his job as usual. Rating: 8.


Joe Girardi: Extremely patient with Burnett. Went into stall tactics to get Mariano Rivera ready in the 8th but outmanaged by the Soth in this one. Rating: 5..


Desmond Figgins, 3B: Started the first inning with a walk. Offered the usual great D. Huge AB in the 7th, getting a good bunt down. But we are still waiting for our sparkplug to catch fire. Rating: 5.

Bobby Abreu, RF: Where have you gone, Bobby Abreu? OK a base hit but not much else. Neeeded a clutch hit out of him in with two on the the 7th, but screwed by the umpire. His game is the next one. Rating: 5

Torii Hunter CF: Enjoying a good series and finally the bat came through. Hitting in the clutch finally and great walk against Hughes in the 7th. Rating: 8

Vladimir Guerrero, DH: Good game. Tied the game at 6-6 after we coughed up the lead with a silly little single. Nice job big man. Rating: 7.

Kendry Morales: 1B: Off and on game but huge hit for the go-ahead run. What can you say. I'll smoke a Cuban cigar in celebration. Rating: 7

Maicer Izturis, 2B: Not a great game for the Mighty Mouse. A non-factor, would rather have seen Howie's bat in there tonight to be honest. Rating: 4

Juan Rivera, LF: Was having a horrible series until he delivered the cracking 2B against Joba in the 7th. Goes to show how tough it is to be consistent in this game of baseball. Rating. 5.

Jeff Mathis, C: When did Joe Mauer inhabit this guy's body? Why is he suddenly so good, so unflappable, so courageous, so confident. Batting .625 in this series. Simply exuding confidence out of every pore of his body. Doesn't he know he is supposed to suck? .... I'll take it, any day ... Rating: 9

Erick Aybar, SS: Played a damn good short and nothing to complain about. Great patient walk to get rid of Burnett in the 8th. We'll see the best of him yet in this series, which is NOT OVER. Rating: 6


Reggie Willits: Pinch-ran for Rivera in the 8th. No rating.

John Lackey:
Great curve ball and a huge effort with our backs against the wall. Showed how much he cared when the Soth took the ball off of him. Robbed of a strikeout call in the 7th but what is new, and Big Thunder lost his temper. Pleaded to stay in the game and it seemed like a mistake by the Soth to take him out but it worked out OK. Will be ready for the ball in Game 7 if there is one. Rating: 8

Darren Oliver: Normally old reliable, was absolutely hittable in this game. U-Haul jumped on a curve ball and then gave up game-tying hit to Matsui, giving Angels fans everyone coronary symptoms. Rating: 1

Kevin Jepsen:  Got no love from the ump but gave up the tie on Cano's gapper. Unacceptable. Rating: 2.

Jered Weaver: In an incredibly rare relief appearance WTY was superb. Whiffed Cabrera and Jeter when we really needed it. Superb. Rating: 8.5

Brian Fuentes: What a spot he was in! A 1-run lead with the heart of the Yankees order up. Lucky to get a seeing-eye out on Damon's rip but popped up Teixeira. What a spot! Hold this 1-run lead  Held the lead and looked like he really wanted it. Rating: 7.


Mike Scioscia: Some weird decisions but somehow it all worked out for him. I guess John McGraw and Casey Stengel must have had games like these. Rating: 7

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