Mysterien's Playoff Predictions




Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am the wonderful Mysterien, not to be confused with South Park's Mysterion.  As you can see we look alike, however, I have a mustache, thus I must be right.

I am looking into the MLB Playoff picture and I see many things...

1. Three "wise" men crying.  I do not know who they are, the first might be a type of animal with two really annoying announcers who seem to miss their Red Socks?  It is just a Red Socks, just buy them at your local Wal-Mart.  But it seems one of them likes football more than baseball.  The second is some type of code with a bunch of random letters thrown in, they seem like they know a lot of baseball.  There must be a big rivalry between New York and Boston, that is all they talk about. I mean really, was there a war going on between them?  The final one is a little chubby guy who everyone calls Bud or Buddy.  He seems to be sulking behind a curtain, rocking back and forth.  Whimp.

2. in baseball division series I see...

In California, I see a sea of red, waving and clapping balloons.  A guy who looks like he wears millions of popped collars is shocked, dismayed that somehow he may be defeated - that he is like Alexander the Great.  But in fact the players are surrounding a guy  with a name like Napoleon.

Close by, a town that is known to be scared of things, cannot dodge some type of Holiday.  I keep hearing Thanksgiving is coming early.

A few hundred miles away in a type of shielded environment, no one is waving their hanker chef, as the only childs beat the twins.

Close to that, the rocks must have lost to paper.

3. League Championship Series

see that there is no more holidays, unless you count the end of holidays to be a holiday.

The city that never sleeps is weary and tired, finally going to sleep

4. World Series

I see a movie, something by George Lucas, maybe.  It is called...The Revenge of the...Monkey?  It seems everyone is celebrating with a Cuban.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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