HH player ratings: Game 1, Boston v. Halos

My player rankings for Game 1 of the ALDS. In the grand tradition of British soccer writing, I am going to assign a rating of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, based on the individual players' performance in the game.

Feel free to argue ... but these are my damn player ratings. Of course I am elated that we've got a 5-0 victory over the Red Sox but I tried to be very unbiased on these player rankings, journalist-style (non ESPN) ... Keep in mind these are my own ratings alone, and please feel free to disagree or agree with me, or give your adjustments or own ratings in the comments below. ~ highland

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF: Did his best and made a Willie Mays-like catch to put out the fire in the 6th. Good job working counts and tried to be a pest. Best player on the Sox tonight. Player rating: 7

Dustin Pedroia, 2B: Hit the ball hard but most of his hits found gloves. Good opposite field hit against Lackey. Player rating: 6

Victor Martinez, C: Did a hell of a good job calling the game but had several poor at-bats for a guy in the No. 3 slot. Player rating: 4

Kevin Youkilis, 1B: Looked really bad for a cleanup hitter on the strikeout against Lackey in the 4th. But when has anyone ever said Youkilis looked good? Player rating: 3

David Ortiz, DH: Angels put the Ortiz shift on him. Didn't matter because he couldn't hit anything anyway. Lackey couldn't throw strikes in the 4th but whiffed him anyway. Destroyed by a tiring Lackey in the 7th. Whiffed against Oliver for the final out. Poetic "Juice-tice". Player rating: 2

Jason Bay, LF: Indifferent. Did a nice job on a Lackey mistake pitch for a solid hit, but was baffled by Lackey for a backwards K in the 7th. Player rating: 5

Mike Lowell, 3B: For someone who was supposed to terrorise the Angels, Lowell looked intimidated by Lackley, managed to ground into a beautiful 6-4-3 DP. Airmailed a throw, but got robbed on a bad call by ump Bucknor. More noodle-arm shit in the 7th. Great beard though. Player rating: 4

JD Drew, RF: Did a decent job all around and had a nice hit against Lackey to open the 9th. Player rating: 6

Alex Gonzalez, SS: Off an on both offensively and defensively. Nice patient AB in the 3rd for a base hit, but looked like crap in his AB in the top of the 8th. Player rating: 4


Jon Lester: This guy is as tough as advertised. For the Angels to win 5-0 in a game started by a sharp Jon Lester is interesting indeed. Kept his team in it and the Angels off balance. Got rattled in the 3rd until Vlad Guerrero got himself out. Made a 94-mph mistake to Torii Hunter in the 5th and paid for it hardcore, bye-bye Game One. Player rating: 7

Ramon Ramirez: Power arm. Uhhhhh. Rating: 1
Takashi Saito: Awkward but has guts. Rating: 6
Daniel Bard: I hope the Angels don't have to face this guy again in a tough spot because he is simply filthy. Rating: 8


Jed Lowrie, Casey Kotchman: No rating

Chone Figgins, 3B: Nothing much on the offensive front from the Angels sparkplug (he did lay down a nice bunt in the 5th) and looked silly against Bard. But still was patient with the stick. Shined defensively as usual. Ended the 6th with a hell of a throw and was basically flawless on D. Best arm on the field other than Bard. Player rating: 7

Bobby Abreu, RF: This man played the game as if was easy as a friendly game of ping-pong. Like a man on valium. He was smiling when facing Ramirez in the 8th. Plate discipline? Try four walks, Sox. Player rating: 8

Torii Hunter, CF: Leadership from the front and the huge three-run bomb in the bottom of the 5th to bust up a pitcher's duel. Don't you love guys who can "hit mistake pitches"? The Angels can't hit fastballs? Ask Torii. Player rating: 8

Vladimir Guerrero, DH: Hacking with men in scoring position. Overanxious. A bad game for a player of Vlad's standards. Player rating: 4

Juan Rivera, LF: Juancho had bat at-bats in the 2nd and 4th innings, but showed a hell of a lot of hustle to score in the 7th inning. Player rating: 6

Kendry Morales, 1B: No bombs from the big Cubano but he did a damn good job with the glove at 1B, picking some tough throws from the cannon arms of Figgins and Aybar. Roped Saito for an RBI in the 7th which was a huge help. Player rating: 7

Howard Kendrick, 2B: Looked more dangerous than he was at the plate. Weak-ass ground out in the 4th. But ... made a hell of a nice turn on the DP in the 5th with Jason Bay barreling into him. Player rating: 5

Jeff Mathis, C: Ummmm, Mike Scioscia knows something about catching that we don't. Mathis did a great job behind the dish, blocking balls in the dirt, etc. Completely overpowered by Lester in the 4th and by Bard in the 8th. Player rating: 4

Erick Aybar, SS: Great feed to start the DP on Lowell in the 5th. What a gloveman. Ripped a nice stand-up doublek past Lowell to start the 5th after fouling two pitches back (Abreu influence, anybody?) Vacuum cleaner at shortstop. Player rating: 7

John Lackey: Well hell, what can you say? Big John took the ball like it was the 7th game of the 2002 Series and showed what he is all about. A few shaky moments but overall ... Command. courage. Confidence. In charge. Ace. Player rating: 9

Darren Oliver: Cousin Oliver is the pitching equivalent of Bobby Abreu. Goes about his business like a man on valium or stoned and completely effortlessly effective. Player rating: 8

Subs: None.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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