Mr. Lackey and The Gipper


"Hap, what is your opinion?" I was asked all day yesterday. I decided to wait before I said what I wanted to say, so here it is John. Man, you hurt The Gipper Dude! For many years, we Angel fans were no more than a sick child that was looking for a cure. Many Players, "Doctors," have come and gone, but no cure was found until you helped nurse us to a cure in 2002.

You may say that my comments reek of emotion, but isn’t that the foundation of a Fan? For without emotion, you can not be a fanatic of anything. For many years, we Angel fans have cried for our team, yelled for our team and lived and died by that days box score. That’s being an Angel Fanatic. I thought you understood that, but apparently, what you understand is MONEY!

There are few players that GET IT, you apparently are not one of them. Tim Salmon got it, he played for us, and his childhood dream. Tim told me personally one day at an affair, he said, at the twilight of his career,…."I could play another year, but I would hurt the team, and playing for anybody else….well, that’s out of the question, I’M AN ANGEL!!"

John you fooled us good, man. We thought you were an Angel, but apparently, you are but a person seeking the highest bidder. Boston is a good destination for you. "They" speak of tradition over there at Chowder Land, but when you buy a team each year, you are nothing but a bunch of Investors, people who only care about how many zero’s are in their bank account. We here in Anaheim, are fans, and we deserve players who "Get It."

I knew it was over when you openly questioned Mike when he took you out the game in the playoffs….."It’s mine Mike, it’s mine…" No John, it was OURS, and you have forgotten that!!

So John, go forward with your new found riches, but remember….You hurt The Gipper man, you hurt us bad. This too shall pass, and we will forget about you in time. I will not boo you at the games, because it’s not the right thing. I will however cheer with all my heart against you and all of the new millionaires in "The Business," because you and others have made it a business. DUDE…it’s a child’s game!!

You no longer are that kid, like I was, who played in the empty lot until it was too dark to see the ball. You are no longer that kid who taped his new glove around a ball, then slept on to it to mold the "perfect pocket." You have forgotten how it feels as your family cheers you around 3rd base as you score the winning run. What you are though is a Grownup, who has lost what team and loyalty is. You discovered money and greed!!

I may be criticized by many of my words, but I do not care. I am a 60 year old man who’s inner child is "sick" today, and I just don’t believe in "cures" from players with your type of chemistry.

A life long Angel fan, who you fooled,


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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