Free Agent Pitchers

Considering the main objectives for the offseason were to add some pitching and a solid hitter- apparently with Matsui being the hitter- We should still be in the market for some pitching.  Now that Texas has poached Oliver from us, It is looking more likely to me Palmer is going to stay in the bullpen and we will add a starter.  Below is a list of some of the major FA starting pitchers I found and a few comments on each. 
My personal feeling is someone like Doug Davis, Joel Pineiro or Jarrod Washburn would be a great fit.  I would also be interested in bringing back Garland, he was a solid guy to throw out there every fifth day.  So what are your thoughts, who do you want to see on the mound for the angels in 2010 besides Weaver, Kazmir, Santana and Saunders?

Erik Bedard (31)- Injured recently but when he's on, there's a reason the mariners gave the Orioles the ransom and gave him the millions they did.
Doug Davis (34)- Solid pitcher, 146 K's in 203 innings, 4.12 era but he gives up a lot of walks and hr.  Probably not the best option, but a serviceable #5.
Justin Duchscherer (32)- awesome potential.  This guy will be an ace if he is over the depression that kept him off the mound in 2009.  2008 numbers- 95k in 141 innings- 1.00 WHIP, .210 BAA
Jon Garland (30)- Solid number 5 starter.  Former Angel who is a reliable guy that keeps the team in games.  With as many runs as I expect the team to score next year, he could be a good fit.
Noah Lowry (29)- Hasnt pitched in the majors in 2 years because of an arm injury that is now supposed to be fixed.  Solid pitcher with a great changeup before the injury. 
Mark Mulder (32)- Sat out '09 and struggled quite a bit with arm injuries in 08. 
Joel Pineiro (31) - 214 innings 105 K's, only 11 HR allowed with a 1.14 WHIP and .268 BAA.  Another solid option.
Ben Sheets (31)- Great stuff in between injuries.  If he can stay healthy he could be a great pickup, the only real question is how long he will last. 
Jarrod Washburn (35)- Another former Angel who has had success with us before.  Washburn could be a great guy to bring back to the big A.  Usually has great stuff and horrible run support. 

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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