Top 10 Worst Angels

So, in the latest countdown of the 100 greatest Angels, there have been a couple of people speculate during the off-season as to who the 100 worst Angels were.  While we’ll probably struggle to find 100 that we care enough about to truly hate, I’m pretty sure that together we can find a Top 10 (and it’ll help kill a couple of the 20 days or so until we start in earnest, and let’s face it, it’s been a little slow around here this past week).  I suspect there will be a fairly high crossover with the Top 100 – it’s only natural that love and hate go hand in hand.  That’s why divorce lawyers make so much coin.

As a correspondent from far afield, and of relatively recent vintage compared to the club, I’m not going to presume to come up with a list from which to pick – I’ll miss some truly detestable players, and no doubt some great players who have done detestable things.  This first part is the nomination phase.  Should we get a decent rogues gallery at which to take aim, I’ll do a top 10 vote.  Feel free to recommend posts as a way of helping the shortlisting process.


The reasons can as far reaching as you like, you just have to justify it.  I suspect most of them will fit into six categories


1. Clubhouse Cancers - you can pick from your common-or-garden asshole type or your irritating show-pony variety

2. Chokers, those that just didn’t have the guts when the chips were down.

3. Over-rated – came with a reputation, or as a trade-piece for one of the beloved and stunk the place out.  Or even a player who, to your mind, was loved for no good reason at all – incompetence should not beget love.

4. Hopeless waste of money – I present to you as an obvious recent example this fella (though I suspect this might be a hotly contested category, with plenty of historical precedence)

5. Irrational hatred – we all have players we just can’t stand.  I’ll admit it here (knowing that this will be unpopular), I just couldn’t abide this bloke and I can’t begin to properly explain why.  Perhaps because in his latter years, when I first start watching baseball, he was the face of the club and I wanted him to be exceptional.  If you’re going to be the face of the club, you need to be exceptional, and compared to the leaders of other teams, he just wasn’t.  My fault probably for coming late to the party, and my inability to understand the nuances of the game back then in my tender years.  And yes, I know, not fair at all.

6. Betrayal – those players who left us behind, either for other clubs, or in more significant, personal snubs.  This man is not wearing a Halo in the Hall.  I hate that. (Though I’d probably still vote him number 1 in the 100 greatest list).


So, here you go…


1. Name your player (make sure it’s one we care enough about to hate)

2. Describe their sins

3. Make your case

Feel free to nominate more than one – not every Angel is without sin, and some of them have been downright evil…

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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