Sorry, but this guy's potential availability intrigues me too much. It has been written in various areas in the past few weeks that some of the lesser teams will be seeking to dump their assets in June or even May if the team is clearly not going to contend and the fan attendance is weak. It will be a simple case of cutting losses in a poor economy.

That means that this might be a trade which could be consummated in a few months if the conditions warrant.

Some random thoughts:

° The Times was reporting that the Pads would be expecting a front-line SS, a front-line pitcher and a reliever with upside. The immediate thought for the SS would be Wood, but after watching Morales Friday night spit the CF and RF and make it all the way for a triple--he seems only marginally faster than Bengie--it occurred to me that Aybar would have had an inside-the-park HR with the same circumstances. The irregular dimensions and cavernous OF would provide Aybar an opportunity for a lot of doubles and even simple basehits. As he matures, his base-stealing skills will improve. I don't think anyone would question the defensive help he would provide the pitching staff.

Wood, on the other hand, is a good, but lesser defensive presence than Aybar, and Petco is beset with the same marine layer as Anaheim, which mitigates some of that power in the night games.

° Does the way Matt Brown opened the eyes of the Angel coaching staff this Spring indicate that the team might see trading Wood and promoting Brown as a push, with the upside being the player in return for Wood? It is clear that they're getting Brown IP at 1B to be for Morales what Morales was for Kendrick--the guy a phone call away in the event of injury. As long as Wood is starting at 3B, Brown is further down that depth chart at 3B. But if Wood (or Aybar, I guess) was to go, that creates some daylight of opportunity for Brown on the left side of the infield.

° Wouldn't Jered Weaver be a good fit for the Padres? He still isn't to his arbitration years, but he has a lot of in-game experience, and his flyball pitching is tailored for a park like Yosemite Petco. At least on his home games he should find good results, and on the road he would be a quicker study than a guy like Adenhart, who is years behind in experience. Besides, Bud Black knows Jered well and should be able to work well with his strengths and limitations.

° Obtaining Peavy would completely spin the dynamic on negotiations for Lackey. The Angels would benefit from having Lackey in their rotation in 2010 and beyond, but the need would be lessened. The team would be negotiating from a position of strength.

Given the idea floated by the Times, then--is Wood/Aybar, Weaver and Jepsen the sort of trio worth giving up for 3 locked-in years of Peavy?

I could be wrong, of course. The wife told me I was wrong about something earlier today...

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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