Vlad Guerrero


Yes It is I again posting another Vlad Guerrero speil...

 Here is my take on Guerrero and this year performance..

 Vlad has had stretches in years past (2008 included) where he has had a poor 2 month of production..In years gone by, they were not noticed because he was doing this in June and July when he had got off 2 a hot start so the decline was not noticed as much..Last year and this year he has been doing it at the start so people are questioning his abilities and if he is able to still do what he can.

 As we just seen tonight in the 9th,Vlad still has a great ability to smash a ball and hit it hard.. He even showed a glimpse of his Expos days by legging out a triple.. This is what Vlad needs to do 2 get back into things..He needs to learn patience at the plate.. I am not sure if he can hit those pitches that he use to for power anymore..I don't know if he can drive those low pitches 420 feet anymore..He needs to become patient and wait for a mistake in the zone and he can hit it hard..

This year he has become an easy K victim many times by being to antsy at the plate.He has fouled off many pitches that he was usually able to hit in the past.

I am glad he is cleaning up for the team now. He no longer can do the things a 3 hitter should do (Bonds when he was moved after his big season)  I see Torri being the 3 guy as long as he stays anywhere above .280..He can run,drive in runners and get on base for Vlad.. Vlad doesn't have the athletic ability to be that 3 hitter anymore.

As for Vlad being the west coast David Oritz,let us wait till he has played  a few more games to write him off yet..He has the ability to get hot and stay hot for a long time..Who is to say he doesn't tear the cover off the ball in July and August ?? I know that he likely won't hit the 25 hr mark this year,but I think 15-20 is a reasonable goal,provided Vlad decides to have an approach at the plate and wait for pitches he can hit.. We don't need the free swining Vlad anymore,that is an easy out waiting to happen and pitchers know that now..

He is 7 HR away from 400 for his career..He needs to do this in an Angel uniform and it would be nice if he did it SOON ! I hope by mid July he has done this so he can move on.. I know Vlad has had long periods in between HR before (some over 30 gms).. I hope that he doesnt wait that long for this.

What do you guys think ?? I believe in Vlad still,and that he needs a little more time,and I think he is slowly getting more hits here and there...It would be great if those came with guys on base..I think his problem is he needs to change the approach,I know changing it after 12 years is tough to do,but he has to realize he is not the hitter he once was,but the hitter he is now is still great and dangerous..

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