THURSDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Pitching Problems, Draft Problems, and Problems With The Law

Up next for Angels: Thursday at Tampa Bay - Los Angeles Times
Ervin Santana of the Angels takes on David Price of the Rays.

League’s worst bullpen just got worse - Sam Miller's Angels blog -
Hey, is this a guy you want pitching in your eighth inning?
10.14 Ks per 9 innings;
3.95 unintentional walks per 9 innings;
0.5 homers per 9 innings.

Do I have a choice?

The Angels' get a visit from the Athlete Whisperer - Los Angeles Times
"Who is your eighth-inning pitcher?" I asked, and Manager Mike Scioscia was stumped. Not a good sign.

At least he didn't say, "Kevin Jepsen".

It's All-Opinions Day - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
Speaking of mindless, what's going on with the rest of Mike Scioscia's team? Chone Figgins has been picked off twice in a couple of days and Howie Kendrick was caught and tagged out after overrunning second the other night. Does the word "sloppy" ring a bell?

The Deadline For Signing Draft Picks -
MLB Trade Rumors has a run-down of how long teams have to sign their draft picks and what happens if they don't.

2 minor leaguers with Angels accused in Tempe assault
Police said the suspects, Michael Rocco and Matthew Oye, tried to avoid officers by fleeing the scene on foot.

Don't worry, if they were Angels' prospects they had no power behind their punches and were probably just slapping the guy.

Team Reports - MLB at
Jose Arredondo was demoted to Class AAA Salt Lake on Tuesday -- as much as a sign to the rest of the bullpen crew as anything. Scot Shields remains on the DL with patellar tendinitis in his left knee and "isn't making much progress" in his recovery, Scioscia admitted Wednesday. K-Rod aiming to be greater than Rivera
"I don’t feel I’m there yet; I’m on my way there, yes," Rodriguez said at his locker before pitching two scoreless innings Wednesday night in the Mets’ 5-4, 11-inning loss to the Phillies.

Wait a minute, TWO scoreless innings? You mean closers are allowed to pitch more than one inning?? Does Scioscia know this?

10th rounder Locker: It’s football for me - Angels blog -
Q: Are you planning on playing baseball this summer?
Locker: No. I’m just getting ready for football.

Note to Angels front office:  You might want to draft BASEBALL PLAYERS!  Thank you.

Deseret News - Salt Lake Bees salvage series finale with Sacramento
Outfielder Chris Pettit was placed on the disabled list with a left wrist fracture that will require surgery.

Get well soon, Chris.

Sons of Steve Garvey: Vin Scully, on the Unexpected
Vin Scully, after a botched hit-and-run attempt with Matt Kemp at the plate:
It reminds me of a game where the Dodgers brought in a pitcher — this is a true story. I don't want to mention the pitcher's name. Bases loaded, two out. A fellow named George Crowe, who was a great hitter, up there for Cincinnati as a pitch hitter. The Dodger pitcher threw a pitch and Crowe hit it a hundred and seven miles foul. And the catcher went out and said to him, "Stanley, what was that pitch?" And the pitcher said, "It's my screwball." And the catcher said, "Stanley, you don't have a screwball." And the pitcher said, "I know. I figured he wouldn't be looking for it." I never forgot that, and in watching the Dodgers run with Matt Kemp, I figured Joe [Torre] thought, Well, the Padres won't be looking for it.

Interesting.  Maybe the Halo relievers might want to throw first-pitch strikes...the hitters won't be expecting that.

Ozzy Osbourne Sings (the video quality is kinda crappy...matches his performance)

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