Sean O'Sullivan Debut a Giant Hit For Angels

Final Score in San Francisco: Angels 8, Giants 1

The Angels won their fifth straight game for the first time this season as they beat the Giants in San Francisco 8-1. Sean O’Sullivan pitched 7 innings of 1-Run ball striking out 5 in his major league debut. He began the season at AA Arkansas and is the 12th pitcher to start a game for the Angels this season.

Some highlights:

  • Vladimir Guerrero 2 for 2 as a pinch hitter in the series
  • Juan Rivera, broken bat double for a ribby in the first Inning.
  • Chone Figgins’ error on the first batter Sean O’Sullivan ever faces in the bigs was a tricky hop but Figgy makes up for it with a double play on the next pitch.
  • Sean O’Sullivan gets his first strikeout, his second strikeout, inning over and then he is the first batter an gets his first major league hit – rocketing ahead of 327 Angel players in franchise history who never had a hit (most of them post-DH rule pitchers, but still...) ... and to think it took John Lackey 7 seasons to do just that.
  • Maicer Izturis hits his first HR of the season and is 3 for 5 overall, scoring 3 runs and driving in 2.
  • Mike Napoli 3 for 5 with a 3-Run HR
  • Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera 3 for 5 and 2 for 5 respectively.
  • Angel fans are actively campaigning to be move to the National League West.
  • Our Jersey Roster for #55 is updated!


And the following people can tell their grandkds that they were posting in the pregame or game thread of Sean O'Sullivan's major league debut:

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