A Mormon Marines view on the Shooting


When I found this web site I was excited to have landed in an area with die hard fans like myself. I am a humble person of religion and a hard Marine all at the same time. To see people say how these guys should have been killed sickens me. Were you there? How do you know what happened? Sometimes you need to wait until the truth comes out.


            I had no idea that one of these guys is a Marine. While I was reading the posts on the first thread on this tragedy I was infuriated about some of the things that were said. I really want to be impartial being that I am a Marine that has gone to war for another country because I knew if I was in that situation I would want someone to help me because I could not help myself. So here are some things on my mind and I want some of you to think about…


1)      As a Marine I feel that you should eliminate the threat, and if the Officer felt his family was in danger, then a head shot makes sense. If there are two assailants then you need to get one of them out of the picture. So I feel that I may have done the same thing if I were put in that situation.

2)      As a Latter Day Saint (Mormon), I don’t feel that you should kill unless you really feel someone has put a major threat on your life. Would the assault have continued if he would not have ended it this way? If he didn’t have the gun how would it have ended for him? We don’t know these things and never will… so let’s not speculate on things we will never know about.

3)      It makes me sick to know that one of my brothers (fellow Marine), was placed within an inch of his life. It’s enough to join the worlds most elite fighting force what kind of person you are. Some feel they are Superman, but we all bleed.

4)      If you can sit back and say "I wish these scumbags would have been killed." …….. What if the guy shot was your son/brother/father? How would you feel then?


Many people are hypocritical when it comes to things like this. For example, and this is something that has happened to me but I will not share names.


            A Marine in Iraq was killed during a humanitarian mission. I was with this man, and he loved what we were doing. He always spoke highly on the people of the country. During this mission he was killed by a man wearing an I.A (Iraq Army) uniform. His family was back at home talking about all of the good he was doing out there, and then after he was killed they wanted all of the troops brought home. We were making the lives of the people in that town better, we knew that. I wrote a letter to his parents to express how sad he would be to hear his parents speak that way, and that the man that shot him was from Syria. They felt horrible about the way they bad mouthed us. It took them 4 months to find out what really happened, and they have to live with the way they acted. They now help any way they can to support our warfighters.


            Let’s not jump up and bad mouth anyone until we know what happened. There is a family in the hospital hoping that one of there sons will live through the night. Have you ever had to do that? I hope not. At the same time there is an officer of the law who just had a very traumatic experience. It’s not in human nature to want to kill someone, which is why I think he really had feared for his life. Lets not bad mouth any of the people involved until we find out what really happened. If you just read this and think I am full of crap and couldn’t be more wrong, then you need to look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life, and the way you treat people. HH lets not show our asses on this one. We are a family friendly site, and I would like to stay that way.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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