A-Rod and Derek Jeter Errors Make Winners of Erick Aybar and Angels

Final Score in L.A. of Anaheim: Yankees: 6, Angels: 10

When Mark Teixeira made his first appearance in a Yankees uniform at Angels Stadium, the place he called home last Summer, the hometown crowd heartily booed the P-Whipped lout. The Angels television audience had to endure Angels broadcaster Steve Physioc, in the middle of an all-night Yankee stroke-athon did his damndest to talk over the emotion of Angels fan - as he has made a heartless habit of doing his whole career. But Physioc's never-ending audition for a national sports announcing job could not extinguish the hope in Angels fans' hearts nor the power in their bats.

Down 4-0 at one point, the Angels tied the score at 5 apiece int he 5th and won 10-6 on the backs of 3-run homers by 1B Kendry Morales and SS Erick Aybar.

Both of these homers came with two outs, they were at-bats that would not have occurred had Alex Rodriguez not made an error in the 5th inning and Derek Jeter an error in the 7th inning. The glory hole twins got their golden shower of jeers from the sold out Angel Stadium crowd who were happily spared Physioc's  french-kissing of everything related to pinstripes.

Joe Saunders was terrible as the Angels starter, Jason Bulger got the Win in relief for being in the right place at the right time and All Star Closer Brian Fuentes got the final out of the 9th inning for his Major League Leading 25th Save. Joba Chamberlain was all too human and hittable in his weak start for the Bronx Bombers.


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