Visit to US Cellular Field

My wife, daughter and I visited US Cellular field on the south side of Chicago a couple of days after visiting Wrigley Field. There is probably no greater disparity in 2 professional sport stadiums anywhere in the US, especially in the same city. Adjectives used to describe Wrigley Field are small, quaint, traditional, original, intimate, and welcoming. Descriptions of US Cellular would need to include sleek, clean, well designed, antiseptic, and modern.

I read here that the stadium was built in 1991, and has been remodeled over the last few years. One added note. I will never complain about the cost of parking at the Big A again. The cost to park at US Cellular Field is $23.00!!! We attended the game on Tuesday, June 23, 2009. The opponents were the Dodgers. The Dodgers won the game 5-2 behind a god pitching performance by Hiroki Kuroda.

Here are some photos from the game we attended;


Here's a 5 picture panorama just inside the entrance;







There are some great seats, like these behind the RF fence. You are right at field level.



They sure like their bronze statues! Here's one of Harold Baines.


There are nice wide corridors all around the stadium. Easy in, easy out.


The one thing I REALLY disliked was the sound system. They have high quality speakers, but the volume is way too high, and they are constantly pumping music, ads, and announcements at you in high volume. I got tired of this after the first inning. Here's a picture of the speakers right behind our seats...



...over our heads...


...and a picture of the speakers around the stadium. A bit too much for me.


If you think LA Dodger fans clear out early, here's the exodus of White Sox fans in the bottom of the 8th (score was 5-1 Dodgers at this time).



My take? A nice stadium, do I say this? US Cellular offers lots of great amenities. It's a great place to see a game. Perhaps I am getting too old. But, I don't need to be entertained every damn moment. I don't mind a few quiet moments between innings - or between at-bats or even between pitches - to just relax, take in the game, and think. There were precious few moments at US Cellular where there wasn't something blaring through the more than ample quantity of speakers. Maybe it's great for kids, but for me, it's over-kill. I far preferred the game at Wrigley Field. There were actual opportunities to think about the game or exchange conversation with others .


Anyway, here's a link to the balance of the photos. Enjoy!

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