Taiwanese Nicknames for LA Angels Character


On the most popular bulletin board service in Taiwan called PTT, we Angel fans have a little board chatting about all things Angels. It's not a surprise that many Angels characters have their own Taiwanese nicknames on the board. They are mostly in Mandarin, sometimes pronounced in native Taiwanese. Here are some of the nicknames and the explanations if necessary.

Real name Fan-give name Description
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 小翅膀田徑隊(Shao-chi-bon-tien-jin-dwey, the Track and Field Team with small cute wings), 猴子(Ho-je, monkey)
Some group of players with relatively smaller strike zone. 哈比人 (The Hobbits)
Mike Scioscia 縮夏(Shuo-Sha, sounds like Scioscia), 說瞎(Shuo-Sha, sounds like Scioscia, meaning like coaching blindly, only used with poor team performance.) also written as 說蝦. Sometime people use Soth, yes we check HH from time to time. Mostly we just use some similar pronunciation.
Mickey Hatcher 米老鼠(Mee-Lao-Sue, Mickey Mouse) It's interesting that we have fewer posts about eliminating the mouse...
Chone Figgins Figgy, 腿姬/Leggy(Twey-gee, leggy), 腿/Legs(twey, legs), 阿腿(Ah-twey, lovely legs), Leggins, Fichiro(like ichiro), Vladimir Firrero(only used when playing against Yankees), 腿哥(Twey-ge, Brother Legs), 腿爺(Twey-yay, Extremely respected legs) These nicknames are corresponding to his current performance. Leggins, Legs and Leggy are used with poor performance. As he gets hot, we have some later nicknames till Firrero. The ultimate form of this beloved utility guy is "汎用人型決戦兵器"/"general purpose humanoid ultimate weapon" (of Neon Genesis Evangelion)...
Vladimir Guerrero Vlad, Vlady, 葛雷諾(Ge-lay-nol), 鳥滾葛(Niaw-gwen-Gwe, Ground-out Guererro), 主炮(Jwu-Pow, main fire power), Geroro(Actually pronounced as giroro) giroro
Giroro has a lot of power in his arsenals according to "Keroro", a Japanese Anime.
Garret Anderson GA, 大叔(Da-Sue, big uncle), 液化的膝蓋(EE-hwa-de-shi-gai, liquified knees)
Torii Hunter 獵人(Liyay Ren, hunter) Some Taiwanese noticed that "Torii" is actually referred to the Japanese gate in front of a shrine, but that doesn't sound like too much fun.
Gary Matthews Jr. GMJ, GMJ*, G公(Gee-Gon, Old Gary), 激公(Gee-Gon, Respectful Hormone), HGH
Bobby Abreu (see description) Almost all Taiwanese people (maybe about 80% of the population) know this guy thanks to the fact Chien-Ming Wang being with the BorgsYanks, so I am not going to cover that.
Juan Rivera 小黃/小璜(Hsiao-Hwang, little Juan)
Mike Napoli 拿坡里(Napoli), 拿胖(Na-pon), 批薩/賣批薩(Pizza or selling pizza) "Napoli Pizza" is a quite famous Pizza restaurant chain in Taiwan.
Erick Aybar 愛拔/愛八(Ai-bar), sometime 腦殘愛八(brain-dead aybar, usually used when caught stealing) After he got hot since June, no more brain-dead...
Kendry Morales 古巴人(Cuban) Simply calling him a Cuban is kinda lazy, but a lot of Taiwanese baseball fans remember him as the young man who punished Taiwanese national team in 2003 world cup.
Howie Kendrick HK47, 好姨 Sounds similar for the second nickname.
John Lackey 姜蕾姬(Jiang Lay Gee), 辣雞(Lar Gee) Just some arbitrary Chinese names that sound like Lackey or John Lackey.
Kelvim Escobar 交友男(Ji-ow-yo-nan, "a man good at making friends"), Myspacecobar, 愛司/愛思(Ace), 愛司扣八(Acecobar), 柯巴(Cobar) Kelvim
He has a lot of HOOOOT myspace friends, that's why we call him myspacecobar or 交友男. Also we call him ace or acecobar because he looks like an ace.
Joe Saunders 桑德斯(Saunders), Hokie Joe, 桑德斯上校(Colonel Saunders), 桑同學(Saun-tone-shue, classmate saunders)
Ervin Santana 小山(shiaw shan, little shan), 山同學(shan-tone-suey, classmate shan), 凸塔那(too-ta-na), 全壘打王(chuen-lay-da-won, king of homeruns), 吸血鬼(Shee-Shey-Gwey, vampire) Beloved name (shiaw shan or shan-tone-suey), rant name (too-ta-na, chuen-lay-da-won) and superstitious name (Shee-Shey-Gwey) are used based on Ervin's performance.
Jered Weaver 小公主(Hsiao-gon-joo, little princess), 織織公主(Je-Je gon-joo, princess that weaves), 織織(Je-Je, weave-weave) Literally due to the name and his hair style: he used to have relatively long hair. Two years ago he went head-to-head against CMWang and PTT people laughed at the hair style. Nevertheless, the nickname stuck.
Francisco Rodriguez krod, 雷殘(Lay-tzan, tripping), 抖rod(Doe-rod, shaky-rod)
Scot Shields 神盾(Shen-Duen, Godly shield), 抖盾(Doe-Duen, Shaky shield) Anyone noticed that when he is nervous, he is literally shaking?
Bartolo Colón 摳龍(Co-long), 摳胖(Co-pon, Fat Colon), 大芒果(Da-moun-gwo, Big Mango) The names pretty much say it all.

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