The All-Decade Angels Team

As we are close to the end of the decade, I deem it an appropriate time for the unveiling of an "All-Decade Angels Team." This team is composed of all Halos from 2000 up until present . Tell me if you agree with my picks.

Starting at catcher, we would have our catcher from our glorious 2002 World Series Championship, Bengie Molina. While painfully slow, there was none like him behind the plate. He had a rocket arm, hit a solid .274 as a Halo from 2000-2005, while wining a couple Gold Gloves.  Backing him up would probably be Mike Napoli as we haven't had many other good catchers the past nine years.

Over at first base, the starter would be Scott Spiezio who hit that crucial three run HR that got the Angels back in Game 6 of the 02 World Series when they were facing elimination. Mark Teixeira would no doubt be the backup had he played more games in an Angels uniform. Since he only played half a season, he has to fight with Casey Kotchman, Kendry Morales, and Darin Erstad (who many forget won a Gold Glove there in 2004) to be the 2nd string to Spiezio.

Now to second base where Adam Kennedy would no doubt start. He had a good 7 year run with the Angels and lets not forget that he was the MVP of the 02 ALCS vs. the Twins. Maicier Izturis and Howie Kendrick  would fight to back up AK just as they are fighting for the position this year, but I might give it to Kendrick based solely on those hilarious Howard's TV commercials

At shortstop, I would give Orlando Cabrera the nod. He played stellar defense and won a Gold Glove in 2007. Fan favorite David Eckstein would back up OC because while Eck was much more popular, hustled more, and was faster, OC was better with the bat and the glove.

At third base is a landslide to Troy Glaus, the 2002 World Series MVP who set the Angels single season HR record with 47 in 2000. Backing him up would be the much faster and much better defesnively, Chone Figgins.

My left fielder would be Garret Anderson, perhaps the greatest Angels of all-time who broke most if not all Angels offensive records. His backup would either be current leftfielder Juan Rivera or hot-headed Jose Guillen.

In center field, I have a deadheat between Erstad and Torii Hunter. Hunter while much better defensively and probably offensively, he hasn't been a Halo long enough to beat Erstad who actually won a Gold Glove in 2000 and 2002 as the everyday center fielder.

In right field would definitely be Vlad Guerrero. While he is going downhill, he consistently gave the Angels .300, 30 HRs, and 100 RBIs a year for a few years. His 2nd string would be newbie Bobby Abreu who is destined for greatness in a Halo uniform.

My DH would be one of the greatest Halos ever, Tim Salmon who spent his entire career a Halo and hit nearly 300 HRs. I placed him at DH because Salmon, while a truer Angel than Vlad Guerrero and the everyday right fielder for many years, Guerrero was better defensively until maybe this year (Vlad's arm is like no other). His backup would be 2002 DH Brad Fullmer who came through many times in the clutch that year.

On the mound, I would send out our overweight but incredible pitcher Bartolo Colon who was the club's sole 20 game and Cy Young winner of the decade. Enough said. His backup on the hill would be John Lackey who won Gm 7 of the 02 World Series as a rookie, has a career ERA under 4.00 and is closing in on 100 careers wins.

My relief pitcher would be Scot Shields who has been our middle relief/occasional setup man holding games since 2001. His backup would either be Darren Oliver, JC Romero, or Scott Schoenweis.

Finally, my closer would be the wild K-Rod who set the single season saves mark last year and was untouchable as a rookie in 2002 up until his departure last year. His backup would be good but not as great Troy Percival who closed games during the championship season but whom K-Rod as since amassed as a closer.

There you have it. The All-Time Angel Team from the years of 2000 til present day. We've definitely had some great players on our club the past few years.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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