Nicknames and Sayings (For all HH Newcomers)


Hello there newcomers,

Heres a list of the Nicknames i have come to know at my time here at Halos Heaven. Please do chime in with your favorite Nicknames and i know i missed alot so just help me out.

Startin Line up

Chone Figgins- Figgy, Get Figgy Wit it.

Bobby Abreu- Chupa, El Chupacabra

Torii Hunter- Torii, Hula Dula, Spiderman

Vladimir Guerrero- Big Daddy Vladdy, Vladdy (Need anything more?)

Kendry Morales- K-Mo, Cowbell. Kendry


Juan Rivera- Johnny Rivers, Frosty

Erick Aybar- Admiral

Macier Izturis- Mice-tits, Boy King, Izzy.

Howie Kendrick- Howie, HK47

Robb Quinlan- Q.

Gary Mathews Jr.- GMJ, HGH

Reggie Wilits- Reggie, Noodle Arm

Jeff Mathis- idk?

Brandon Wood- Savior, woody



John Lackey- Big Thunder.

Jered Weaver- Weave, WTY(Weaver the Younger, Jeff Weaver being WTE Weaver the Elder)

Ervin Santana- Black Magic Ervin,  Voodoo

Joe Saunders- Saundo, Colonel

Sean O' Sullivan- SOS

Joes Arrendondo- Buckwheat, ET

Jason Bulger- Bulger

Kevin Jepsen- Mr.100, pysKo

Shane Loux- Louxy(His actual nickname.)

Darren Oliver- Mr. Oliver.

Matt Palmer- Rosey Palmer, Matty

Justin Speier- I just call him terrible. Released

Brian Fuentes- Funtuesarus..Directly followed by Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr


If GA weren't so lazy. Since we always used to call Garret Anderson(GA) lazy we came up with a saying and a example would be like. If GA weren't so lazy he would have traded himself back to the Angels.

If Kotch were here. This started as soon as Casey Kotchman(Kotch) was traded. An example would be If Kotch were here we would have already won 100 games.

 "Quientin flied out to Center"

Used as a joke whenever there are multiple identical responses to a question in a thread. It is a call back to a game thread from last year when Gameday cut out. People kept asking what happened, and the number of responses kept multiplying each time asked.

W6G= We Will Win With What We Got!

This was just a rough draft to try and get everyone going. Please do add whatever you like or any corrections to my Fanpost.

Go Angels!


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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