Visit to Miller Park


Well, this is a little embarrassing. I thought I had posted this a couple of months ago. It took BrewAngel asking me in another comment when I was going to post this. Apparently, Alzheimer's has started a bit early for me. In any case, here is the post from our visit to Miller Park that SHOULD have posted a couple of months ago...


So after visits to Wrigley Field and US Cellular Field, my wife, daughter traveled to Milwaukee on June 25 for a game at Miller Park. First, I didn't realize it was such a short trip from Chicago to Milwaukee. If not for construction traffic, we would have made the trip in an hour.

As you can see from this photo, Miller Park was built close to the former location of Milwaukee County Stadium (photo by others). You can also get the sense that scale of Miller Park is big...I mean REALLY big.



This photo was taken from the somewhere where the previous location of County Stadium. Just beyond the trees at the center right (below the "Miller Park" sign in this photo) is an awesome little league field. That's's as though there was a little league field on the grounds of the Big A.



Here's a picture of the little league park This took us completely by surprise.



The scale isn't as noticeable until you get closer to the park. It's then you realize that everything seems to be oversized. Maybe my eye was fooled. Here's a shot from the exterior left field side back toward the clock tower (clock tower is behind home plate).


It's inside that I really got the sense of scale. My immediate sense was that I was in a very large interior a cavern. Here's a 5 photo panorama from behind home plate.







Here's a close-up of the roof structure. Maybe this gives a better sense of the size of relative size. Check the size of fans versus the structure.



There was an impressive number of tailgaters. There were lots of bar-b-que's with a wide variety of items on the grille...various sausages, chicken, steak.  It all smelled so good...



So there was also a baseball game played on this day. The Brewers played the Giants. Here's a picture of a familiar figure preparing for BP.



And we had...cheerleaders? OK...I could get used to this. The only truly strange part is that during the National Anthem, they are positioned in center field and go through some motions that signify...something. Some sort of salutes to...I am not sure what. Maybe someone else from Milwaukee will read this and explain.



Um...back to the game. Here"s another guy familiar to Angel fans for his time in Oakland...


Here's the first pitch of the game.


This is one of the games where Benjie Molina was almost bowled over by a runaway sausage. Here he emerges from the dugout oblivious to the over-sized wieners on a collision course with the former Angel catcher.


My eyes were more on the out-of -town scoreboard. The Angels were doing well! One unique feature of the scoreboard is the Gameday like diamond showing runners on base.



This was the last photo we took for the night. It was getting late, and San Francisco wasn't showing much punch. We decided to leave at this time since we still had a 60-90 minute drive back to Chicago.


Impressions? Other than the outrageous cost of $25.00 to park, We really enjoyed the's an impressive structure, and the amenities are fine. Next time, I want to join in on the tailgate experience, and I want to see how the roof operates (OK...that may be a bit weird, but I love to see how things work). I also wish we has spent more time in Milwaukee. It seems like a pleasant city with lots of friendly people.

Here's a link to lots more photos from our visit. I hope you enjoy.





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