Zu Long's Birthday Road Trip-Part 2

Well I had a ton of fun in KC. Got myself on TV, watched the Angels win a pair of exciting games followed by a nice leisurely finale on Sunday.

To review the ol' birthday wishes, looks like I only went 1-for-4, but batting .250 on events largely out of my control isn't too horrible. The Angels won all three games, extending my consecutive winning streak for games I've attended to 10-0 going back to 2004.

Not much else really... Oh, what's that you say? Pics, or it didn't happen? Can do. (After the jump)


As you can see, attendance has been hurt somewhat by the poor performance of the Royals... :-P

Though it wasn't quite that bad, the stadium was pretty empty for two of the three games. Greinke filled the stadium up pretty well though. As someone who has been making trips here every few years since 97, I can say that the stadium is MUCH nicer now than it used to be, even as recently as 2006. Especially the food.


This is my girlfriend the girl I got to sit next to throughout the Greinke game. A SoCal native going to school in Missouri, she brought a pair of friends with her to watch a team that wins consistently. The Cubs fan (seen in yellow behind us) was suitably impressed. She's wearing a Figgins jersey, and he is her favorite player. She hopes they resign him. She is also a Jeff Mathis fangirl. If any of you are curious, yes I did ask if it was okay to post this on a blog.


Angels in pre-game warm-up mode on Sunday. My favorite part of this picture is the guy rocking the Quinlan jersey in the corner there. You've got to be hardcore to wear that in public.


Little sister flanked by a pair of the faithful. Seen previously holding the BAM-BAM sign. Just so you all know, I held the sign most of the night and stood up every time Morales came to bat, but they only looked when I gave it to her in an attempt to change Morales luck. In addition to being able to attract the attention of camera crews, little sis is a wiz at getting players to sign her stuff. She is also a high-school drama star. I am forced to deal with the fact that she is smarter, more attractive, AND more talented than me, but I take consolation in the fact that I am taller by a foot (she's TINY).


Sister's haul for this game. Hula-Dula was one of two offensive players who was out signing stuff that day. The other was Robb Quinlan. Not pictured is a signature by Matt Palmer, who is an incredibly humble and nice person. He was out there signing autographs and talking to fans longer than anyone else, by a WIDE margin.


Epic Victory Pose, featuring special guest: TheOptimist! 5-0 combined record this season when watching in person.

Note that while I am clearly ready to unleash unspeakable amounts of BEATDOWN on all who would oppose the Angels, TO is half-assing it, because he is LAME.

So that's my trip. There are a bunch more photos, but most of them are of people playing and/or not really interesting. I'm not as good at this photoblog stuff as others such as Zoe Necrosis. I'll try to do better next time.

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