Tony Reagins Off-Season Report Card

I think at this point the Ninja is probably done making moves barring some crazy trade.  We've managed to address all the offseason goals by trading GMJ, getting a starter, a reliever, and at least one bat to replace any departing players.

I've broken down the moves made below and how the roster has changed position by position from last season.

Factoring in the whopping 8 arbitration eligible players the payroll is remaining about the same from last year.  
Had Reagins not replaced last years roster with more cost effective alternatives the budget could have ballooned, or we would not have been able to replace all the roster holes.

Matsui for Guerrero is basically a wash. I think Matsui might have more left in the tank but it's impossible to tell
if Guerrero can hit since Vlad has the higher ceiling.   Matsui arguably is a more flexible pick since he may be able
to servicably play the OF a couple days a week but even that is a stretch.  I don't hate the Matsui signing but right now without a medical report in front of me I can't say it's an improvement over Guerrero.  We'll have to see if either player goes on the DL this season and if they do, Reagins could look either dumber or smarter based on results.
Grade: C

Pineiro for Lackey. Lackey is probably the better pitcher, but he's going to cost almost twice as much per season for 3 additional seasons beyond Pineiro's contract.  The financial investment is considerable and it's why I consider the Pineiro signing the better move, even if we're getting a slightly lesser pitcher.  Ironically Pineiro's numbers were actually better last year although he was in a weaker league.  They are the same age and Pineiro was also healthier last season.   I think this is going to look like a much smarter move 2 years from now when Pineiro is off the books after putting up respectable numbers and Lackey is still tying up Boston's payroll through 2014.
Grade: B+

Rodney and Stokes for Oliver. Overall these moves improve the bullpen, although at a much greater cost since
Stokes' contract is tethered to GMJ and Rodney was probably overpaid.   Oliver is statistically the best pitcher, although Rodney has a bigger upside. Stokes is an improvement over the roster slot he replaced, OF #5.  The bullpen was a weakness last season and these moves make an effort to improve it, but at a substantial cost.  Reagins filled the needs here but he is awarded no value points for his efforts.
Grade: C-

Wood for Figgins. Figgins is almost guaranteed to have a better season next year than Wood, and he may even be better for the next 2-3 seasons.   That said he probably won't be better for the next 5 and I'm almost positive he won't be 35+ million dollars better.  If Wood is a quick learner this move was a very good one.  If he's a flop he'll need to be replaced with another FA signing down the line.   Izturis is a stop-gap.  Either way, it's unlikely Figgins puts up 100+ runs a season for the next 5 so I like this move long term despite being cautious about it for the next two seasons.
Grade: B-

Abreu for Abreu. 9 Million dollar Abreu isn't as good of a value as 5 Million dollar Abreu but that just turns an A
signing into a B+ signing.
Grade: B+

Reagins didn't make any exceptional moves this offseaon but he made some good moves, some average moves and didn't make any bad moves.   He also kept the budget in tact despite facing 8 players getting arbitration raises.   The payroll is almost identical to last season and more importantly doesn't continue to tie up money in players beyond 2011.  The money saved now is hopefully money that may be invested in FA classes later.

Final GPA:  2.6 (B-)

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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