Post-2010 Free Agents by Team Part 1

TORONTO - SEPTEMBER 23: Jason Frasor #54 of the Toronto Blue Jays delivers a pitch during game action against the Seattle Mariners September 23 2010 at Rogers Centre in Toronto Ontario Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

Here are Ten MLB Teams listed alphabetically with their free agents and my opinion of these free agents as far as the Angels are concerned. This is the first of three parts to just weed the garden about who we should all be talking about in regards to offseason free agent signings.

Angels: Hideki Matsui ... With Abreu and Napoli and others needing DH time or even without Napster, Matsui is not anywhere near a must-sign.

Scot Shields ... Retirement party?

Astros: Pedro Feliz .... Rates behind Freddy Sandoval for 10th on our infield depth chart. No.

Athletics: Justin Duchscherer ... No way.

Ben Sheets ... Not even a flyer.

Blue Jays: Lyle Overbay ... Behind even B-Wood on 1B power potential

Scott Downs ... hmmmm ... could be a Speier, could be an OIiver

Jason Frasor ... hmmmm ... could be a Speier, could be a Shields.

John Buck ... Mark Whicker says "YES" ... so: No way.

Braves: Troy Glaus ... hmmmm ... are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'???

Alex Gonzalez ... Callaspoesque

Eric Hinske ... Juanriveraesque

Derek Lee ... you don't want us, we don't want you

David Ross ... pass

Brewers: Dave Bush ... Would be below Matt Palmer and Trevor Bell on our SP depth chart. No way.

Jody Gerut ... huh? No.

Cardinals: Brad Penny ... better than Kazmir, maybe better than Pineiro, way to expensive to be not as good as Santana

Dennys Reyes ... Maybe a Darren Oliver-like reclamation.

Cubs: Xavier Nady ... We have Willits and Rivera

Diamondbacks: Aaron Heilman ... nothing we don't already have in younger, cheaper players.

Rodrigo Lopez ... i now Wins and Losses are not the most statistically accurate measure of a player's worth, but the dude lost 16 games last year and that makes him a loser.

Brandon Webb ... Take a flyer on Chief Tender Elbow of the Snakes blink on their club option.

Dodgers: Ted Lilly ... would be better than Kazmir. Paying Kaz's salary and about the same to Lilly = $26 million for a #5 starter? Pass.

Vicente Padilla ... ha ha ha ha ha. No.

Ronnie Belliard ... Aybar plus eight years and seventy pounds

Reed Johnson ... uhhhh... well.... nope.

Jeff Weaver ... to throw eggs at... otherwise no.

Garret Anderson ... would he show up to sign the contract?

Ramon Ortiz ... warning to Ervin Santana: this could be you.

Okay, so we have four possible free agent targets from the first ten teams in the MLB: Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, Troy Glaus and Brandon Webb.

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