Top 15 Free Agent Destinations

I originally constructed a Top 25 list, but then shortened because I didn't think any of them would really be accurate.  But, this FA class is particularly rich, and I'm interested in see what these big changes we're all anticipating are going to be.  As for me, I think you'll see what I think the Angels are going to do.  Don't really put any stock in it though, I change my mind literally once every two weeks.  


Top 15 Free Agent Destinations

1.     Rafael SorianoAtlanta Braves: 3 years 24 million.

With Saito gone and Wagner retiring, the Braves will have a need at the back end of the bullpen, and will welcome back Rafael.

2.     Brian FuentesSan Francisco Giants: 2 years 8 million.

Fuentes is a semi-local reliever who would serve as a set-up man a nd lefty specialist for the Giants and join an already formidable pen.

3.     Lance BerkmanWashington Nationals: 1 year 5 million.

The Nats will be looking for someone to fill that void Adam Dun left, and Berkman’s that guy.  He could really break out in Washington.

4.     Cliff LeeNew York Yankees: 6 years 120 million.

There’s simply no telling how much money the Yankees will spend this winter.  Perhaps at some point, everyone will realize it’s not fair and should be penalized or changed.

5.     Ted LillyColorado Rockies: 3 years 21 million.

The Rockies rotation could use Lilly if they are hoping to compete with staffs within the division like the Giants and Padres.

6.     Scott DownsLos Angeles Angels: 2 years 14 million, 3rd year option.

Arte – “Lefty reliever?  F-no, I fell for that before you son of a b—“

Tony – Wait chief, this one actually pitches!”

I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’ve heard multiple times the Angels will be in the market for a veteran reliever.  Downs makes the most sense.

7.     Hideki MatsuiTampa Bay Rays: 1 year 4.5 million.

Matsui should come cheap, and Tampa is cheap, and they have a need.

8.     Carl Crawford – New York Yankees: 6 years 125 million.

Anyone have any guesses what the Yankee payroll would look like in 2011 if they added Saito, Crawford, Lee and Dunn?

9.     Jayson WerthBoston Red Sox: 5 years 70 million.

Theo – “I’m looking to bring in someone who already has that essence of douche-bagginess that is inherent to all Bostonians, like horse faced Lackey.”

Jayson – “I’m wicked douchey.”

Terry – “He’ll do.”

10. Miguel TejadaSan Diego Padres:  1 year 4.5 million.

They need him, and he needs San Diego.

11. Adrian Beltre – Boston Red Sox: 4 years 60 million.

The Angels will probably play an active role in driving up the price of Beltre’s next contract, but in the end, I believe Boston’s need is greater, as is their ability to pay.

12. Paul KonerkoChicago Cubs: 1 year 8 million.

Paul is going to be happy he doesn’t have to move.

13. Aubrey Huff – San Francisco Giants: 2 years 17 million.

It worked once, why not try it again.  Huff really seems to have flourished in the National League.

14. Adam Dunn – New York Yankees 4 years 65 million.

I don’t think Adam would pass on the opportunity to cement himself among the greatest power hitters of this generation by going to a stadium where his routine pop ups will leave the yard.

15. Victor MartinezSeattle Mariners: 3 years 33 million.

The Mariners will be looking to boost their anemic offense, and V-Mart will help.


Prince Fielder Traded to Texas Rangers: The Rangers have no problem going with one year rentals and have plenty of prospects to deal after finishing last for so long and getting early draft picks to sign.


Mike Napoli traded to Boston Red Sox for Jacoby Ellsbury.  After this season, Ellsbury’s value is down, the Red Sox already have a full OF with Cameron, Werth and Drew as well as youngsters to fill voids.  Chances are they'll even trade for another big name OF so that Cameron doesn't have to be a full timer.  Napoli is a cheaper, better defensive alternate to spending millions on V-Mart for the Red Sox.  The Angels solidify the top of their order and LF for the foreseeable future with Ellsbury.


Curtis Granderson will be traded to the Braves.  The Braves have lots of holes to fill this offseason, and the Yankees will over acquired too many Free Agents. 


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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