Souring on Werth/Crawford ...What Can Be Done?

I'm just not convinced that it's a good idea to tie up 5 years and 70 million on a guy like CC/Werth.  Maybe if one of them was sure to fix our leadoff/OBP problems, or provide huge power numbers, and if we didn't have some really good lookin outfielders 2-3 years away. But now? Not so impressed, and really I'm not impressed with free agency at all these days. It's become kind of a garage sale, there may be some fairly nice 5 year old Crate n Barrell stuff in there, but it's all colors no one uses anymore.... or weird shapes and sizes.

Maybe Reagins should look to trade some of our guys for someone with similar, but slightly less output than CC. Just off the top of my head, here's some outfielders on teams that could use a few players (maybe a catcher, IF, Juan Rivera, or young reliever) Would any of these guys help bridge the gap to Trout in your opinion? If so, who would you package for them? And be realistic, no Wood or Mathis unless you're just throwing em in for free gum or something. Most Italian teams wouldn't take those guys.

1) The already mentioned David DeJesus (Royals)

2) Colby Rasmus or Jon Jay (Cardinals)

3) Nick Markakis or Corey Patterson (Orioles)

4) Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs)

5) Michael Bourn (Astros)

6) Chris Denorfia (Padres)

If we could get one of these guys for a mix of Napoli, Macier, Wilson, Thompson, Callaspo, Palmer, Bell, KRod2.0, Kendrick, Casevah, Bulger, Jepsen, Rivera, Trumbo, and various other trade subjects of late would it make it easier to swallow paying Adrian "The Contract Year Crusher"Beltre 13 million to hit .265/.335/.450 with good D?  Bare in mind, some of these guys are young and cheapish, so we wouldn't necessarily get them for nothing.

Are there any other OF you can find a good trade match for? How about 3B? Anyone to trade for there? Do you really want CC/Beltre aging for 5 years on our roster for a combined 28 million a year? Not that I really think Arte'd go for that. I'm just lookin for possible short cuts instead of gagging on a semi useful free agent for 5 years. I'm also wary of the need to resign Weaver and Morales in the future.

It's Thursday. the Angels aren't in the playoffs and Halladay already pitched yesterday so I'm bored. So lay into the above players, share some ideas of your own.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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