Falling off the Reagins bandwagon...

...or 2011, Make or Break Season for Angels GM?

Did anyone catch this little gem at the very bottom of the article in the OCR re: hiring of DiSar, Peach, and the coaching moves etc???

Former GM Bill Stoneman's contract as senior advisor was also renewed and he will remain in that capacity as a consultant.

So I'm more than a little curious what the hell Stoner and DiSar are doing...aren't you?  AND, in addition, since I fell off the Reagins bandwagon (I was sitting in the back already) this past season...what the hell is Reagins doing (besides guiding scouts toward swords to fall on)?

Originally I was going to be too GA to make my own Post about this, but then I read PhiSlamma's comment in the "Encarnacion post" and subsequent responses.  Sorry Phi, some of us like to come to HH daily and read something new about our Halos.  Figured I better "sprint after that flyball and dive for it."  (Blue Smoke belching!  Perhaps I should have had only one cup of coffee this morning?!)

Thus far this off-season has left me confuzzled and I am going to dance around with a bunch of semi-coherent thoughts as they bounce around my brain:

  • So we cleaned house in the scouting department.  It is totally the scout's fault that none of our nonexistent 1st round draft picks have panned out. Hmmm, ok, whatever.
  • Forsch, Stoneman, DiSar, what do these guys do?  How many are enough?
  • Better yet, what does Reagins do? 
  • Is this simply continuing to pay Stoner for our WS championship? 
  • Is this bringing more ex-Angels back into the "family?"
  • Signing major Free Agents to long-term contracts.  Haven't we been down this, "Sign a bunch of aging Free Agents to mega-contracts" path in the past (see 80's)?  Are we doomed to repeat our mistakes?  4-6 years from now are we going to be eating contracts such as Beltre, CC, and Werth just as we are now with GMJ Jr and Speier last year?

Dear Arte,

If you want a "Real GM" please go do whatever it takes to get Pat Gillick to come to Anaheim.  I have zero faith in Reagin's ability to lead this team.



More random comments.  Did anyone notice that the "cream rose to the top?"  Of all the "top Free Agents" the Halos lost last season, Only Vlad's team made the playoffs (yeah, I know Oliver went there too).  Vlad is the one potential HOF player of that bunch.  I confess I understood and begrudgingly agreed with the decision to let Vlad go, but damn it how do you let a future HOF'er walk without finding some way to keep him in the fold?  Jeter will stay where he is. Just sayin'.

I'll pose this question to you all...if we had kept all of our FA's we let go, would the Halos have won the West?  Granted an exercise in futility, but my real point is that despite Tony's "best efforts" we got nothing and liked it!  The Halos did not have a rebuilding year, they simply stank!  Accountability = fire the scouts. Really?

Ok, really my last comment...Rev, thank you to you and WiH for the Tuesday blogcasts.  Off-season Angels talk is non-existent and finding interesting topics to discuss can be challenging.  Hence my topic for today is, "2011, make or break season for Tony Reagins."

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